Bubble shooter game: How to clear fields before your opponent?

In the mid-late 20th-century, the world was gripped under the spell of arcade games. You can find them even today at malls, restaurants, or other public places. They are typically pinball machines, video games, or electromechanical games. But, very few people have the time to visit the mall or amusement parks and spend hours playing their favorite arcade games. That’s one of the reasons why offline arcade games are going out of fashion and are increasingly replaced by online games. One of the most famous and loved arcade games that you can enjoy online today is Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter boasts of highly addictive gameplay, and you’ll stay hooked for hours. You are guaranteed to forget all your work when shooting colorful bubbles. The game’s goal is to eliminate all the bubbles of the same color, and you can only pop them by using the ball of the same color. If you cannot detonate the bubbles, you lose the game, and your opponent wins.

When you play Bubble shooter online, you get to compete against players of varying skills and experience levels. You can win the game by scoring the highest, but it can be pretty challenging to pop the bubbles while ensuring the timer doesn’t run out.

To score the highest in Bubble shooter, you need the right skills and approach. Here are some of the tips to help you clear the fields before your opponent. It would help if you played the practice games to hone your skills and master these tricks.

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Detonate the hanging bubbles

Do you see a group of bubbles dangling, and they’re all of the same colors? If so, you are lucky. There’s no need to shoot off a single bubble at a time when you can target clusters of bubbles. When you shoot clusters, you get to pop all the bubbles at once and earn bonus points.

Shooting clusters clears space and allows you to shoot further up the field. You can even watch out for what bubbles are coming up next and accordingly plan your next move.

Whenever you can, target the hanging bubbles so you can clear more playing fields at once and score the highest on the leaderboard.

You must plan all of your Targets

The random shooting of bubbles is never recommended, and it’ll land you in trouble when you’ve exhausted all the available playing fields. One of the best strategies is to clear the playing field and not add more bubbles. It’ll get challenging to get rid of the bubbles, and you may miss out on your chance of detonating them.

So, make sure to plan your targets in advance and then shoot the bubble. If your move is unplanned, you might end up hitting another bubble of a different color. The stacked bubbles may reach the base and make it difficult for you to clear the field. Ultimately, you’ll lose the game.

In Bubble Shooter online, you can carefully plan your targets by following the dotted lines. The lines will help you to aim correctly and hit the correct targets with precision.

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Learn the bank shot

The bank shot is one of the most famous shots in Bubble Shooter that you must master. A bank shot refers to when you angle the shooter at the walls of the playing fields. By doing so, you can make the bubble bounce off the walls and hit the target.

The bank shot is quite helpful when trying to detonate the bubbles under challenging places, and the only way to reach them is by bouncing off the walls. Moreover, the bank shot can help you fill up spaces above rather than closer to the base.

If there are no possible matches in the first row, the bank shot can save your life and help you remain in the game for longer. It might even allow you to win the game and score the highest.

Think of popping the bubbles in big groups

Targeting the more significant and more prominent groups of bubbles will help you score the highest. Since the Bubble Shooter game online is a race against time, you need to try and achieve the highest in the quickest possible time.

A high score is not possible by hitting one bubble at a time. It would help if you diffused the more prominent groups. Typically, bigger groups will be hiding behind smaller groups of dots. It would help if you were alert, identified them, and played the bank shot.

When you target the bigger bubbles and hit them, the bubbles hanging onto those groups will automatically get cleared. You’ll fetch bonus points for detonating more bubbles in a single shot. The paying field will also get removed, and you’ll find more opportunities to shoot bubbles and win the game.

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Think of planning ahead

While all your shots must be planned, you also need to plan your moves. Look at the playing field closely at the beginning of the game and assess your strategy. Think of the best ways to clear the board so you can get more chances of scoring points as you go ahead. It would be good to establish small strategies to help you achieve the primary goal.

Besides these, you need to stay calm. The Bubble Shooter game can be pretty challenging because you have to score the highest and score before the timer runs out. It is easy to get nervous in such high-pressure situations, especially if your stakes are high.

You can practice by playing free games and after you are confident of your skills, participate in cash tournaments, and it’ll give you an edge.

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