Business woman sets record as CEO in Global 500

Mulheres de Negócio Batem Recorde como CEOs na Global 500

Number of women occupying positions CEO is on its record in 2021 among the world’s 500 largest companies, according to global 500 rankingMILF from magazine Luck.

With an increase of nine new leaders this year, Women now manage 23 companies that make up the Global 500. manufactures.

In total, the combined revenue of these companies is US$31.7 trillion, which represents one third of the global GDP.

Ever since Fortune started mapping the numbers female CEO In the Global 500, in 2014, the figure was between 12 and 17.

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In 2020, women ran just 14 Global 500 companies, but this year the number has increased new executive leadership.

In February 2021, jane fraser assumed the position of CEO of Citigroup, to return a The first woman to run a Wall Street bank.

in the same month, Karen S. Lyncho, that . became CEO of CVS Health, also contributed to increase in gender representation.

With Lynch’s administration, CVS became the company Best Ranking in the Ranking of the World’s Largest Companies Led by a female CEO.

The healthcare company is ranked 7th among global companies and 4th in the Fortune 500 ranking, which only ranks US companies.

Diversity among CEOs

According to Fortune, in addition to an increase in the overall number of female CEOs, the number of non-white female leaders has also increased on the list.

Last year, only one black woman named CEO in the Global 500.

This year, that number increased to six. executive leadership change In companies inside and outside the United States.

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in the United States, Rose Brewer, former executive walmart I starbucks, took over as the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance in March 2021.

former executive of JPMorgan Chasehandjob Tsunda Brown Ducketttook over as the CEO of TIAA in May 2021.

As a result, Duckett and Brewer are currently the only black women to run Fortune 500 companies.

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Women’s Leadership Outside America

Outside the United States, the new female CEO has also contributed. Higher presence of female leadership Among the 500 largest companies in the world.

no group ping an insuranceTan Sin Yin, a 16th-ranked Chinese company, became co-CEO along with two other executives.

in France, Veronique Penchienti-Bosetta Became interim co-CEO of multinational food company Danone.

Another French company is on the list of majors led by women. in the energy giant Angie, the CEO was transferred from acting chief Claire Wesand Katherine McGregor.

Fortune told it was a Rare transition from female CEO to female CEO, before Waysand, was given by Angie’s command isabelle kocher.

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the road to gender equality

In 2021, CEO Positions of Global 500 Companies are more diverse than in previous years.

Even then, leading companies Even today it is predominantly male.

Currently, 23. Feather Women running Global 500 business They are just 4.6% of the total.

in the United States, where the number of women management companies has also reached historical record, only 8.2% of CEO vacancies are theirs.

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Website CNBC Make It talked to Lorraine Haritone, CEO of Global Gender Equality Firm Catalystabout this progress.

According to Hariton, even with this development gender representationhandjob “There’s still more work to do”.

“Clear goals and measures to increase female representation in senior leadership and CEO pipelines may be the key to accelerating change”, he emphasized.

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