Calling Brass Week 6 Opponents: Pittsburgh Steelers – Our Questions and Answers Behind the Steel Behind

Calling Brass Week 6 Opponents: Pittsburgh Steelers - Our Questions and Answers Behind the Steel Behind

On sunday Cleveland Brass Take on Pittsburgh Steelers. To help you preview some topics from Steeler‘Perspective, we reached out Jeff Hartman From Behind the steel curtain And exchanged five questions with him. Enjoy!

Ben Rothlisberger made a great start to the 2020 season, overcoming age and injury.
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Chris: “When Ben Rothlisberger was about to return to action this year, I thought we’d start seeing him wash a baby when you took his age and the reason for the injury a year ago. Instead, he is absolutely killing it. Rothlesbury has looked great during the games I’ve watched, but you’ve seen every one of his plays in 2020 – how has he performed? Is he doing something right now (even though he’s still effective)? ”

Jeff: “To be honest, you’re not alone in your hopes of thinking that Rothlisburger could return without a single quarterback, but Steeler fans were pleasantly surprised. Rothlisberger is slowly getting better every week, and the 5th week of performance against him Eagles He was the best yet. That said, it’s not like he picked her up where she left off in 2018. The accuracy of his deep passage is still missing, and the middle ground sometimes continues as a struggle and the accuracy of his time.

The biggest improvement in Rothlisberger’s game, though, is between his ears, not his elbows. He is a very effective quarterback, and when you have the weapons he has, you can understand why. Rothlisberger is taking what gives him salvation, and it’s working. The Steelers have been able to stay criminally balanced, and have not had to rely on Rothlisberger to win games with their own hands. Not that he is not capable, but this crime is very different from the killer BS of the teams of 2014-2017. ”

Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Bra

Will Miles Garrett thrive against another offensive line?
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Chris:Miles Garrett Back to face the Steelers. Although he is off to a defensive MVP-like start to the season, he has also had the benefit of facing and exploiting backup-level players every week. Is there a problem with Pittsburgh’s offensive line at the moment? ”

Jeff:Garrett Going against Alexander Villanueva, Again, and Valenueva vs. his career. Garrett. However, the offensive line as a whole has been a bright spot for crime to this day, and after some changes along this line. Ramon Foster Retired after last season and Steeler left Matt Filler From right handling to left guard. They are starting to deal with a backup right in Chukas Okarafor, and it is expected that the All-Pro Guard David DeCastro 6 weeks will be missed Kevin Dotson Another start. That doesn’t seem to be an issue with the group, as they have started to keep the ongoing game at 8 breasts 138.8 yards per game, and have allowed Rothlisberger only 6 sacks in a season.

If this offensive line struggles, this little yard is running. For whatever reason, they’re better off trying to throw a third and shorter number than running the ball, moreover, the Steelers’ offensive line seems to have gone through the transition without interruption. “

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh’s defense was tough again in 2020, but they faced some weak competition.
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Chris: “I often hate playing shit games because a good team takes care of business, and so Pittsburgh is 4-0. He said he has faced opposition teams whose offensive-level NFLs have been defeated. Is close Giants (30th), Broncos (29th), Texas (22nd), and the Eagles (28th). We know Pittsburgh can stop the race, so if there’s a concern about the Steelers’ defense, where has it been? ”

Jeff: “Secondary, definitely secondary. On the defensive side, this is the real blame for the Steelers through four games. We know the Steelers get after quarterbacks, and they’re stopping the race on the ground at just 64 yards per game. But the secondary, which was so good in 2019, is still working. The Steelers are flaring up more than they did in 2019, and that’s leaving some players to dry on the back end. On top of that, Minkah Fitzpatrick In fact MIA has been in the big play department this season. Mike Tomlin spoke about it during his press conference on Tuesday, and he told fans and the media to take a long break before concluding, but an eye examination showed that before the Steelers became a full-fledged defense unit. There is a lot of work to be done.

If you want to beat the Steelers, you have to separate the zones and pick up the blitz. Do this and you will move the ball easily. ”

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Rookie WR Chase Claypool made four touchdowns against the Eagles last week.
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Chris: “Rookie WR Chase Claypool Week 5 against the Eagles was a fantastic four touchdown game. Is he going to see that much prestige this week, and isn’t his breakdown coming out of nowhere (hence the level of play against statistical output)? “

Jeff: “If Steeler Chase doesn’t use Claypool too much, they should be fired in Week 6 for not doing so. Should be on the clay pool Brown‘Radar, and even if the steelers come out and put it on the ground so it’s a cannabis it can be as helpful as other weapons. Juju Smith-Schuster, Dante Johnson And Eric Abron. Claypool’s Week 6 performance will likely change the way coverage for defense coordinators, and it could be beneficial to other players on offense.

As for his breakaway game, I wouldn’t say it came out of nowhere because he gave a spark to every game this season. In Week 1 it was a beautiful sideline catch that continued the offense, in Week 2 it was an 84 yard catch and running a TD, in Week 3 he was using it on the third slope of his size and we all We know what happened in Week 5. The Steelers are just beginning to understand what they have, and how they can use it, in Clappool and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. “

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers

Tyson Alulo has been an asset to the Steelers’ defensive line.
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Chris: “Tell us about a player on offense and a player on defense that the fans of Bruce may not be aware of, but who can make a good contribution to this week’s game. ”

Jeff: “When a crime is committed, I would say look for one of the two players. James Washington (WR) and laundress Anthony McFarland are driving back. Bruce fans can know who Washington is as he enters his third year, but with all the focus on Smith-Schuster and Claypool, Washington can win its match if given a chance. McFarland hasn’t been used much, but there’s a big game waiting to happen. Steeler will give him daylight if his breaking speed is to be monitored.

The player on the defense will be Tyson Alulo. The veteran is taking on the position of dealing with the nose Javon Hargrav, And fans didn’t miss Hargrave because of his brilliant play in the middle. Alulo has also been a force in the run defense, and should play a big role in this department vs. the Bruins and their deadly game. ”

Thanks again to Jeff for taking the time to answer my questions.

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