Can my cat sleep with me? understand the pros and cons

Meu gato pode dormir comigo?

Can my cat sleep with me? Many people think that cats should not sleep with their owners because of the large amount of fur. But does it really interfere with anything for our health? On this date (26/02), My Pet presents you with resolutions and possible recommendations.

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Can my cat sleep with me?

the answer is yes! But we’ll tell you about the reasons that make it healthier, including your little one. Of course, if the person going to sleep with a cat is allergic to cat hair, this is highly not recommended. Always check with an expert before making this type of decision.

Cats prefer to lie on their owner’s bed, this is very common. In fact, this is a great sign that the animal is feeling secure, has a lot of affection and respect for its owner. In addition to these reasons, he may be looking to keep warm on intensely cold nights.

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Apart from these reasons, he will want to sleep in your bed because he enjoys spending quality time with you. This is also a sign that they trust you, after all cats are very suspicious of everyone. They feel more fragile while sleeping, so they always look for a place that offers more protection.

There is a curiosity that anyone who has a cat already knows they like to sleep on top of our heads. This is because it is the area of ​​the body where we move the least during sleep, and they feel even more secure for it. Also it is the hottest part of the body.

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special care

Can my cat sleep with me? , Source: Pexels

There are some special precautions to make this moment more comfortable for both parties. First of all always keep the bedroom door open.

This is because cats are nocturnal animals, so they like to roam around the house, eat and do their business. They can also meow during the night and wake up the owner when the door is closed.

Another important care is to maintain the cleanliness of your kitten, if you notice that he is getting dirty somewhere, you can give him a bath occasionally.

Another important issue is keeping vaccinations up to date, as all cats can have zoonoses. This means that some diseases are transmitted to us humans. That’s why vaccines protect against most of these diseases.

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cats living together

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