Capixaba Surfer Wins Tribute to Ricardo Guimares ES and the United States

The recruits at Priya Dulal in Guarapari pay tribute to Guimares. Credit: Carlos Heinrich Guimares

The two acts, in which the athlete was prayed for, began at 9 am at the same time (with only a time difference). Participants also took roses dedicated to Ricardo and the surfer who came to the meeting made a circle in the sea in memory of Laksaba. Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, tribute-makers were recommended to wear masks.

Ricardo’s friend and friend Douglas Artu attended the tribute on the Guarapari beach. And he highlighted: “I prayed for the life of Ricardo, who was practically a brother. I’m very friendly with the family and I can say that he really loved and encouraged surfing” , He remembers. According to him, around 100 people (including friends and family) participated in the tributes at Espírito Santo.

Ricardo’s friend also paid tribute to the United States. “It’s a very sad moment, but happy for people’s affection”, he rated.

Photo brings message to social network to honor surfer Ricardo Guimares this Saturday (16) in Florida
The message was shared on the social network to honor surfer Ricardo Guimares. Sincerely: Social Network

Watch Tribute Video in Gujarat

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