Cardi B and his sister sued for defamation after calling Trump supporters ‘racist’


Bodak Yellow Femsey and sister Hansie Carolina were charged with “racism” after fighting in the parking lot and “Magaga supporters” were sued for defamation.

Aceshobiz – Rapper Cardi b He has a legal battle in his hands after calling a group of Long Island beach travelers “racist Maga supporters” in an edited video shared on “social media pages”.

Cardi’s sister, Hansie Carolina, And his girlfriend, model Michelle DiazOn September 6 (20), a heated argument broke out with the group over the parking lot at Smith Point Beach.

The man they were arguing with was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat during a rehearsal, and on social media, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker blew up, “You’re not the only racist Magaz supporter. The leaders feel they can do it because of the racist police shootings and the killings of black men. ”

“My sister couldn’t even park her car today. The man quickly teased his girlfriend and as soon as he took the camera, they started to get sweet. TGIS BRAVENESS is coming from the strength of their leaders.”

ABC 7 New York reports that in the lawsuit, defending Carolina and Deez as defendants, the beach passengers accused both women of harassing them – and then posted edited videos and comments on social media. Defamed him, ABC 7 New York reported.

“These quiet Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying Sunday with their families at Smith Point Beach when rap celebrity Hansie Carolina suddenly approached them, spitting, insulting, attacking, defaming and Threats were made while one of them was videotaping because one of them was wearing a mega hat, “explained the plaintiff’s attorney, John Ray.

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“Then Hansie, Cardi B and famous model Michelle Diaz foolishly edited the videotape and published the edited version on all social media, for all to see, and wrongly called these residents and their families’ N **. Labeled as **. ‘And as a racist, “Ray said.

In an audio recording explaining the fight, Hansie claims that two men told him and his girlfriend, “Go to your f ** king country.” The men targeted him because he said, “They saw us parking here and we were speaking Spanish and we joined.”

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