Carlos Pereira calls for “affirmative discrimination” of Madeira on UK list – DNOTICIAS.PT

Carlos Pereira calls for "affirmative discrimination" of Madeira on UK list - DNOTICIAS.PT

Carlos Pereira argues that it is imperative for the Diplomatic Corps to work with the British government to reverse the United Kingdom’s decision to remove Madeira from the ‘green list’ of travelers.

The socialists elected to the Assembly of the Republic affirm that “it is time to take advantage of Madeira’s physical isolation from the continent, as well as to take advantage of its good control of the epidemic, to do everything to reverse the English decision.” It’s time.”

“Madeira is separated from the mainland by an entire ocean. The COVID situation in the region is different from the rest of the country, with very few cases and the control on entry is exemplary”, Carlos Pereira emphasized. For this reason, He believes that the English decision should not include the Madeiran archipelago.

Carlos Pereira defended that the regional government should make all efforts to bring this situation back quickly and that Portuguese diplomacy works in this direction “according to the conditions that have been successfully, successfully done in the past”.

“If, in the past, the arguments used to separate the region from the mainland had positive results, I believe that all diplomatic mechanisms should be used to reverse this situation”, the deputy For Madeira, say, a small and dependent tourism economy, this British decision has a “tremendous effect”.

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