CBFA Announces New Marketing Director Associated with Grupo LX

CBFA Announces New Marketing Director Associated with Grupo LX

Sincerely: Disclosure / CBFA

Since the inauguration of President Chris Kaziver CBFA This one is: Improvement.

And within the process, the unit announced on Friday, March 26, the names of Dayayan Morandi and André Petrocheli as responsible for the area.

“American football has become a global fever and that is why we need to promote programs with teams, increase visibility around athletes, strengthen confederation finances and thereby create programs to put Brazil on the circuit of major events Is required, ”Dayan explained.

The marketing department will also be responsible for commercial management and conduct the functions of the unit as well as the communications department with a proposal to do an influential and successful work in the spread of modernity for the next years and raise the level of FRRR. With the aim of winning fans and practitioners new to the game.

“My main objective is to make the game a media product and with the level of spectacle expected from an FA match. Our mission is to make the fans of the oval ball feel iconic and to start consuming the games as another entertainment option. ”, Morandi adds.

The business

As the head of the LX Group for the past five years, Dayyán was responsible for several sports marketing projects in Brazil, the United States and Europe, in addition to acting with opportunities for growth and opening of new businesses and partnerships in Brazil. NFL and LaLiga, and for marketing management of the Oakley and Umbro brands in Brazil.

In addition to operating and managing the agency’s operations, Dayan was also responsible for creating campaigns with athletes such as Neymar Jr. (PSG) and Marcelo (Real Madrid), as well as projects and image and business management of Villian players (currently at Arsenal )) And Cairo Santos (Chicago beer’s kicker).

Andre Petrochelli, who graduated in marketing from McKenzie, began his career as a team manager at the Coral Fight Company, working with athletes such as Mauricio Shogun, Vanderlei Silva, and the team of Jiu Jitsu and UFC athletes within the company Were responsible for. Ronaldo Jacare, Thiago Maretta, among others, for 4 years.

From 2013 to 2016 he was the marketing manager and team manager, being responsible for the brand manager of the brand KVRA Company, where he had contacts with sports such as surf, skate, functional training, jiu jitsu and MMA, who were also responsible. For the production of competitions and events in Brazil, the United States and Portugal.

In 2016, he joined the LX Group as a service and plan for the New Era brand. Subsequently, he held the position of producer of LX events such as series, shows and documentaries. He has worked directly with brands for brands such as Oakley, Asics, Keener, as well as numerous athletes and personalities, both in Brazil and Europe.

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