Central Bank: the resumption of economic activity in the world

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According to official information from the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), the Southeast recorded a sharp increase in sales (US$11 billion), reaching the total value exported by the North in 2021.

Central Bank and the resumption of economic activity in the world

Still in the core segment, exports of crude petroleum oils concentrated in the Southeast, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, increased by US$11 billion over the previous year, reflecting an increase in international prices. GoodsDriven by the resumption of economic activity in the world.

increase in exports

According to the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), in addition to the continued expansion of sales to China, which absorbed 47% of the product in 2021, exports to the United States, Chile and India increased. In the case of soybeans, the increase in export value was due to higher prices and favorable demand from China, which acquired 70% of the product in 2021.

The expansion of exports had an impact on the national trade outcome

Thus, the expansion of exports had an impact on the commercial outcome of all regions, especially in the Middle West and South, which together accounted for 72% of sales. Exports of industrial products also improved, mainly affecting the commercial outcomes of the Southeast, South and Northeast regions.

Sale of semi-finished iron and steel products

Also affected by the increase in prices, sales of semi-finished iron and steel products were mainly destined for the United States, as well as fuel oil, particularly directed to Singapore, which demanded products with a low sulfur content. Used to do, notify the Bank Central Brazil (BCB).

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extension of imports

Imports, in turn, showed an increase in both value and quantity, extending to all sectors, especially intermediate goods, reflecting an improvement in domestic economic activity.

Thus, this category, in addition to fertilisers, particularly in the South and Midwest, included the purchase of medicines and pharmaceutical products, mainly vaccines and their inputs in the Midwest and Southeast.

Foreign Trade Secretariat (Sessex) and Ministry of Economy

The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) uses foreign trade data from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy, which differs from the data compiled by the Central Bank of Brazil for the balance of payments. The table from the Brazilian Central Bank’s external sector press release reconciles these figures, highlighting the official institution.

Through the official website of the institution it is possible to check the information of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) in its entirety, considering the relevance of understanding the influencing factors. inflation and on Economy National and International.

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