Centrex Metals to supply phosphate rock to New Zealand

Centrex Metals to supply phosphate rock to New Zealand

Australian company Centrex Metals has signed an agreement with New Zealand cooperative Balance Agri-Nutrients for the supply of a pilot batch of phosphorites worth 5 thousand tonnes from the Ardmore project (Queensland). Balance Agri-Nutrients produces mineral fertilizers for New Zealand farmers.

The distribution will be subject to the soon-to-be completion of the construction of the Centrex Metals Phosphorite Mining Facility and obtaining all necessary permits for its commissioning. In addition, Balance Agri-Nutrients may unilaterally refuse to purchase phosphorites from Centrex Metals within three years from the date of shipment of the pilot batch.

“Centrex Metals is proud of this agreement and looks forward to building on our partnership with Balance Agri-Nutrients,” said Robert Mansell, Managing Director, Centrex Metals. “Thanks to them, 90% of the phosphate rock mined over the next three years will be supplied to customers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.”

The Admore project has total reserves of 16.2 million tons of phosphorus pentoxide, with an average content of 27.8% and a cutoff – 16%. According to the results of geological exploration, phosphorite deposits are located at shallow depths and can be worked in quarries, moreover, by culturing, obtaining high-quality concentrate, clay material can be easily removed. There may be demand for it in Australia and New Zealand, which are mainly dependent on imports of phosphate rock from North Africa.

The start of production is scheduled for July this year.

Source: Fertilizer Daily

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