Charlie Cox says Ben Affleck’s Daredevil suit was terrible

charlie cox spares no praise for the explanation of Ben Affleck in the movie the destroyerThis doesn’t happen for actor’s uniforms.

The actor took the torch from Ben and played the protagonist in the series that Miracle produced for Netflixand those who are now gone from home Disney+,

in a panel interview Middle East Film and Comic Con In Abu Dhabi, Charlie said he only saw the movie the destroyer After getting hired for the series.

He said that he liked Ben’s interpretation of the character, but he also admitted that the whole film didn’t make him happy:

“No, that’s after I got the part. I didn’t see the movie before I was hired. I watched the movie when I got the role and, to be honest… I think Ben Affleck is a really good guy.” Matt Murdock makes, I liked his Matt Murdock… I didn’t like the movie…”

According to Charlie, some of the reasons why the film was not so good were the complex tone and saturation of the characters. for actor, Production had too many characters for a short period of time,

Apart from this, the actor also confessed that Ben’s uniform got too ugly,

“I felt like the movie tried to do a lot and it had a very mixed tone. He had everyone in that film, he had Kingpin, he had Bullseye, he had Electra, he had Karen Page, his The pass was foggy. The movie was too full and it had two hours. So for me that was part of the problem. And the uniform was disgusting!”

Series enters Disney catalog

Charlie Cox as Daredevil (Disclosure/Netflix)

After being pulled from Netflix in late February, Disney announced that the Daredevil series, along with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher And defenders Will be part of the worldwide Disney+ catalog from March.

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This change is due to Mickey’s strategy of integrating all products by the house Miracle in one place.

the destroyer log in American Catalog on the 16th, and on Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia And New Zealand, According to Disney, all other countries will receive the series. by the end of 2022,

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