Check out the nine features released on WhatsApp in 2021

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WhatsApp This whole year, many features have been released on the messaging platform. The new tools include Android, iOS and web versions of Messenger. Check out the year’s most cited news stories below.

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  1. Authentication in web version

The unlock option is exclusive to the web version of Messenger. It is possible to add an extra layer of security through this, as in addition to reading the QR code, it asks for identification by reading the face or iris.

  1. connecting multiple devices

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This was one of the most requested features by the users. It is the ability to log in and maintain multiple devices with a single account. WhatsApp, The novelty is compatible with up to 4 devices at once, which may lose access after 2 weeks due to lack of login.

  1. the possibility of sharpening audio

Users started listening to the long audio in chunks, with the platform repeatedly sending extensive voice messages. thinking about it, WhatsApp Has released a tool that lets you speed up messages up to 1.5x or 2x, allowing playback up to half the original audio time.

  1. temporary message

Now, users can send temporary messages, ie with a set amount of time to self-destruct. The function can be enabled in the normal Messenger configuration or in a private conversation. You can choose between a period of 24 hours, 7 days or even 90 days.

  1. payment system

although pics Messenger’s payment system has been removed, WhatsApp The payment stood his ground. Through the tools associated with the Facebook digital wallet, it is possible to make instant transactions with the contacts on the agenda.

  1. encrypted backup

In addition to messages with end-to-end encryption protection, WhatsApp It has also started providing security facility for backup. In this way, it is possible to save the message history even more securely.

  1. conversation transfer

Still in need of improvement, the option of transferring text messages and conversations with media files to another device is already under considerable consideration. However, as of now it only works for iOS devices to Samsung devices with Android version 10 or later.

  1. business guide

Another feature the platform is expanding on is finding establishments closer to users. WhatsApp business. The tool captures contacts of companies that are close to those using the business version of Messenger. However, for now it only works in the So Paulo area.

  1. Sticker Suggestion

Users who love to use stickers can use the sticker suggestion feature. The function indicates the best sticker option for you to send (and then save for later use).

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