Chef left luxury restaurant to make quality food in schools

A chef que trocou o glamour dos restaurantes de luxo para levar boa comida para alunos de escolas do Reino Unido - Fotos: Reprodução / Instagram

The glamor chef of a luxury restaurant to bring good food to UK school students – Photos: Reproduction / Instagram

Chef Nicole Pisani left a luxury restaurant to dedicate herself to bringing quality food to schools and her students.

He got the idea when he saw a post from a primary school in London announcing that he needed a cook.

At school, Nicole cooked for more than 500 children and rediscovered the way food was prepared. Thus was born his Chefs in School project, which was designed to improve school lunches and teach students about nutrition.

Chef spent his childhood watching his family manage the restaurant

Nicole grew up on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea and grew up watching her family run the restaurant.

He worked in the famous London restaurant Nopi. There, Nicole cooks exquisite dishes from Asian culture, manages a team of 15 men and stands on her feet for nearly 16 hours.

“But the longer I stayed at the restaurant, the less I felt I was connecting with people,” he said.

After two years at the restaurant, she decided to seek out new challenges.

Assignment or Project

In 2018 Nicole created the Chef in School project to improve school lunches and teach students about nutrition.

The initiative currently has 120 trained chefs and has been replicated in London. Also keeping students in touch with food through vegetable gardens and cooking classes.

“We need to serve good food to children across the UK. It benefits them, benefits us and ultimately benefits society.”

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with information from parents and children

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