Chess champions raise questions from series

Chess champions raise questions from series

zIf you watched O Gambito da Raina on Netflix and were surprised at how loyal the series is, knowing it’s “very accurate”, according to Jennifer Shahade, Ambassador And two-time chess champion in the United States.

In an interview with IGN Brasil, Shahad made some doubts from the chess world. check out:

We asked questions about chess and O Gambito da Raina, along with professional chess player and two-time champion Jennifer Shahade in the US. Picture: Disclosure

O Gambito da Raina How true is reality?

According to Jane, a lot! “It’s very accurate. Netflix has hired fantastic chess consultants, including Gary Kasparov, many of whom are considered the best chess players of all time,” he says.

Are Russian shows as good as series?

In The Gambit of the Queen, Russian players are to be defeated, especially Borgov. Check here, too, but with a minor update to modern times.

“At the time, he was a staple in chess. Of course Bobby Fisher defeated Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Chess Championship, but the Soviet team was dominant.” This confrontation, cited by Jane, even referred to as the “Match of the Century” and apparently inspired The Queen’s Gambit’s final confrontation between Beth and Borgov.

Beth against Borgov in The Queen’s Gambit. Picture: Disclosure

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“Now, it’s a lot more diverse,” Jane explains. “There are many countries with great chess teams. Number one is from Norway [Magnus Carlsen], And the best teams are the United States, China and Russia. “

And Brazil? According to Jane, we have many Grandmasters (Portuguese, Grand Master) in our country, which is the maximum title that a chess player can acquire. In his head, he remembers names like Rafael Liitao, Giovanni Vescovi and Luis Paulis Supi.

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“My first international competition was in Brazil, in a city close to Curitiba,” Jane recalls. “I was just 15 years old and I had a lot of fun! The people of Brazil are very sociable. After that incident, I knew that I wanted to travel the world to play chess.”

How did O Gambito da Raina change public perception with chess

Gambito da Raina increased chess kit sales, in addition to placing the game in stratospheric evidence. “I liked that the series had an adult audience, because chess is very popular with children and hasn’t been as popular with adults since Bobby Fisher,” Jane says.

Jennifer Shahade, Ambassador and two-time US Chess Champion. Picture: Disclosure

“Today, people see a lot of glamor – and yes, there is a lot of glamor in chess. There is also a lot of glamor in poker, another game that I like a lot. Gambito da Raina opened people’s eyes,” he says.

Difference between series and book

Jane, who has read the book of the same name by Walter Tavis who inspired the series, says that the scene facing Beethove is one of her favorites. “She shows the fusion between Beth’s inner and outer beauty. And look at Anya Taylor-Joy is already magnificent, and in this scene, with her thoughts, she becomes a goddess of sorts.”

“In the book, the character is not so pretty; in fact, she is called ugly in some parts”, she compares. “However, when she plays chess, the author says she grows up with this incredible beauty. I felt that the series came out right: it’s hard for Anya Taylor-Joy to be more beautiful than before, but They did this.

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Gambito da Raina is inspired by the book of the same name by Walter Tavis. Picture: Disclosure

Benefits of chess: Why start playing and tips for beginners

Jane’s advice is that people of all ages start playing chess because it’s “a great way to lose the sense of time to absorb yourself in the intellectual world”, besides “a great way to meet people” .

“Chess is a networking tool for me, where you can open a new world with people interested in the game. It also has historical and historical elements. Or … you can also try to eliminate people, “He jokes. “There are many ways to explore chess: it can awaken your competitive side, teach you more about art, history … everyone will find something”.

For anyone looking to get into the chess world, Jane recommends visiting online sites and practicing the basics: “There are many tutorials online today. It’s good to practice basic rules before facing the game. Another one. The tip is to find a game partner. He is at or slightly above your level. So you can improve together “, he concluded.

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