Chief vs. Saints – Game Recap – December 20, 2020

Chief vs. Saints - Game Recap - December 20, 2020

Patrick Mahom’s side-arm throw, basketball-style push passes, underhand flips and the famous imporism – another Orlins – defended another high-profile defense.

Mahmoz went 254 yards and three touchdowns, and the Kansas City Chiefs extended their winning streak to nine games with a 32-29 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

“Patrick is far more impressive than I thought,” said Leon Bell, who joined the Chiefs in mid-October and won a 12-yard touchdown on an alternate pitch from Mahomos. “He’s even more influential in person. … I’m lucky to be his teammate.”

The Kansas City Defense played a role in repairing Drive Bryce’s rib fracture and his return from the lungs, which ruled the record-breaking passer out of four games.

While Bryce passed for 234 yards and three TDs, he completed less than half of his passes and only stopped for the fourth time this season.

“I was obviously not good at the game going on,” Bryce said. “I would say there was a combination of pushing things on the field instead of just finishing it down. There were some misunderstandings. ”

The victory took the defending Super Ball champion Chiefs (13-1) to the AFC’s only playoff bye as the No. 1 seed. The Saints (10-4), meanwhile, missed out on a chance to win the NFC South for the second week in a row and are now long overdue for the NFC’s top seed.

Mahomz’s scoring pass went to Tyrick Hill and Macaulay Hardman for 5 yards, then returned from the left to avoid the pressure of the Chiefs’ smart QB and threw it into the back corner of the end zone, where Hardman was able to carry it into traffic. For, while moving within two feet.

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“The biggest challenge is when it comes to expanding plays,” Saints coach Sean Payton said of Mahomes. “A 2.5- or 3-second route turns into a 5- or 6-second route. It’s challenging.”

Mahoms’ second TD toss basketball assist, Travis Kallis’s chest-pass, looked more like cutting behind the blockers for a 1-yard score.

“It practices very quickly until it is right to stop it immediately and find a way to push it there,” Mahomes said, adding that the Chiefs played a single match against Denver two seasons ago. “The boys did me a good job of throwing a lane.”

The Giants later used an underhand forward flip to give Kallis a 2-point conversion after Bell’s TD, giving the Chiefs a 29-15 lead in the fourth quarter.

Bell’s score came after Sant’s defense ended in a match when Cameron Jordan was flagged for personal defamation and insulting lineman Andrew Wiley was sent off for a punch.

“We knew there was only one chance against seven against him if we fought them,” Willie said. It was also an argument.

The Saints drew 29-22 when Trey Hendrickson made the second bed of the game and separated the Mahoms, Alvin Camara’s 14-yard score was set short on the catch and a bunch of players ran to the right.

Kansas City responded with a field goal when Bryce pulled the lead over the field goal with his 17-yard pass to Leal Jordan Humphrey 2:06 to pull the Orleans inside the field goal.

With two time remaining, the Saints kicked deep, but could not stop Mahoms & Company from going off the clock.

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Highlight reel

Only 3,000 tickets were sold for the market match between the contenders, but the audience got a first look at Mahmoz’s charming and unconventional flair for the drama.

On the third and eighth conversions, Mahomes started to move to the right to avoid David Onimeta, then stopped abruptly and stepped closer to Jordan, suddenly stumbling. Mahomes then fired a one-shot to Sammy Watkins for a 23-yard advantage. The game ended with a TD of Callus who extended the drive.

“Sammy was read to me for the last time,” Mahomes said, thanks to his offensive line and the receivers never giving up on the play. “You’ll have guys who are going to continue to fight the whole game.”

Start low

Breeze’s first three passes were incomplete before his fourth El Jaris stopped at the New Orleans 36-yard line, setting up Hill’s TD to make it 7-0.

Brie needed more than a quarter to complete a pass or take the Saints to first place. His first perfection came on his seventh pass. A few plays later, he hit Emanuel Sanders just under 51 yards to set up Tesom Hill’s 1-yard TD run.

The Saints cut it with safety at 14-9 at the end of the half when Chief Pants returner Demarcus Robinson slipped into the end zone. Saints linebacker Alex Angelon tried to get on it, but it slipped out of bounds.

The Saints took a brief 15-14 lead early in the third quarter when Bryce found Latvis Murray late in a play that appeared to be breaking down and the running back was slammed for a 24-yard TD. .

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Chiefs: Rookie Rocky, who runs back to Kalaki Edwards-Helier, needed help in the locker room in the fourth quarter, with no pressure on his left leg. Chief coach Andy Reid said the X-rays were negative but Edwards-Helier needed more evaluation. Reed said linebacker Emmanuel Smith injured his hamstring.

Saints: Receiver Trey Quan Smith and defender Marcus Williams survived an ankle injury in the second half.


Chiefs: Hosts Atlanta in the first match of two home games to complete the regular season on Sunday.

Saints: Close your home schedule against Minnesota on Christmas Day.


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