China and Australia to issue three to five-year multiple-entry visas

China and Australia to issue three to five-year multiple-entry visas

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian talked about Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s recent visit to Australia in Beijing on the 18th.

According to the Chinese spokesperson, Li Keqiang jointly held the ninth annual China-Australia leaders’ meeting with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese during his visit to the country.

On this occasion, the Chinese Prime Minister pointed out that this year marks the 10th anniversary of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Australia and the establishment of the China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership. Looking back at the development of relations between China and Australia over the past decade, the most important experience and inspiration is to maintain mutual respect and cooperation, as well as to seek common ground and bridge differences.

For the Chinese prime minister, the essential features of the relationship between China and Australia are mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and the development of China and Australia is an opportunity rather than a challenge for both sides. China is willing to maintain its comprehensive strategic partnership with Australia, give full opportunity to the strategic economic dialogue and other mechanisms, steadily promote trade, actively expand cooperation in new energy vehicles, renewable energy generation and other areas, and strengthen national, cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation.

The Chinese spokesperson said that at the meeting, the leaders of the two countries reached a consensus on holding a series of high-level meetings this year. To strengthen cultural exchanges, China will unilaterally include Australia into the scope of visa-free countries, and the two sides agreed to review and issue three to five-year multiple-entry visas for personnel on tourism, business and family visits to the two sides.
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