China and the United States lead countries of origin of potential weapons of DDoS attacks – Tecnologia

China and the United States lead countries of origin of potential weapons of DDoS attacks - Tecnologia

China continues to lead the countries with the greatest potential for DDoS attacks, hosting a host of cyber-attack weapons such as botnet agents used to infect organizations with malware globally. The findings were shared in a report by American cyber security company A10 Networks, cited by Gadgets Now.

According to the study, the total number of botnet agents in China was nearly halved during the first half of 2021, i.e. 44% of the total drones available globally. And the number of weapons associated with DDoS attacks grew to about 2.5 million in that period. The United States, on the other hand, ranks second in resources for DDoS attacks, especially with regard to amplification weapons.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are used to terminate an online service by injecting high amounts of traffic from multiple sources. It has been noted that DDoS attacks are not limited to a specific geographic location, and can start from organizations anywhere in the world, particularly in concentrations with populations where Internet connections are dense.

China leads the list of countries with the most DDoS weapons for the second time, with 2 million amplifiers and botnets. report good It also mentions that some vigilante groups have begun to use DDoS attacks as defensive measures, attacking systems that exhibit observable behavior. The attacks are aided by the Mozy malware, one of the biggest sources of concern to cybercrime fighters. It is used to “recruit” botnets to carry out DDoS attacks, specifically targeting IoT devices.

Remember that DDoS attacks High growth recorded during 2021, in Europe and Asia and a series of politically motivated attacks against video game makers stand out. Cybercriminals have also conducted operations in many countries to stifle resources to deal with the pandemic.

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