Chinese probe sends its first photo of Mars – 02/05/2021

Chinese probe sends its first photo of Mars - 02/05/2021

The National Space Agency (CNSA) said that the Chinese space probe Tianwen-1, which is headed for Mars, sent its first image of the red planet on Friday (5).

Launched in late July from China, the device is expected to reach Mars on February 10.

The first photo obtained on Earth from the red planet appears to show a gaseous cluster and what appears to be a crater.

According to the Chinese Space Agency, a black and white image was taken about 2.2 million kilometers from Mars, covering the plains of Wallace Marberis (cannons near the equator of the red planet), Schiaparelli (a giant crater), and Eicidalia planitia As shown, CNSA

Tianwen-1 consists of three elements: an orbiter (which will move around the star), a landing module and a remote control robot with wheels (in charge to analyze the ground).

The robot involved in the investigation will be deployed on Mars in May.

Weighing more than 200 kg, it is equipped with four solar panels and is expected to last for three months.

It will analyze soil, atmosphere, take photographs and contribute to the mapping of the red planet.

China hopes that the United States has completed various Martian missions since the 1960s in this first independent attempt to locate Mars.

That is, put a probe into orbit, land a module and then remotely control a robot.

The mission is called “Tianwen-1” (“Question to Heaven 1”) in honor of an ancient Chinese poem on astronomy.

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