Chinese rover discovered mysterious cube on the moon

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while working in cretra von kermanoMILF the pilot chinese rover Yutu Took the opportunity to take pictures of the lunar horizon. Those were the first pictures the rover took under a dark sky. The drivers were zooming in on the pictures one by one when suddenly a mysterious cube appeared on the horizon, which caught everyone’s attention.

Was it a mysterious alien “hut”? Or the remains of spacecraft from previous ground missions? The pilots rushed to consult the scientists about the discovery, and were convinced. The object may just be a stone, and it appears to be located 80 meters from the motorized robot. Still, researchers want to go out there and look better.

The cube-shaped distant object on the horizon was dubbed the “mysterious cabin” and was discovered by the rover Yutu (source: Our Space / Reproduction)Source: our place

The discovery was announced on the blog our place, a dissemination channel affiliated with China’s National Space Administration (CNSA), which is responsible for the Chinese space programme.

The blog named the object “Mysterious Cabin”. The curious shape of this rock, which has attracted researchers’ attention, may be due to impacts on the surface of the Moon, such as the fall of meteorites.

Over the next two or three lunar days – the equivalent of two or three Earth months – the Chinese rover will approach the object. It may take time to travel across the lunar surface to escape the various craters, even over short distances, but we can expect discovery updates.

Yutu landed on the rover far away from our natural satellite Taken by Chang’e-4 space mission on 3 January 2019. Since then he has explored the von Karmann crater and covered a distance of 186 kilometres. The discovery was made on the 36th lunar day of exploration.

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The Chang’e-4 mission is the fourth Chinese lunar mission, and the second to carry a rover. Recently Eastern Country also launched Chang’e-5 Mission, for the purpose of bringing samples from the Moon.

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