Chris Hemsworth calls Ryan Reynolds A ‘D *** Head’ and Terrible Actor

Chris Hemsworth calls Ryan Reynolds A 'D *** Head' and Terrible Actor

The A little Actor – who is currently working on a Netflix movie Spiderhead – Reynolds, 44, pulled a crew member aside to insult.

Dan Blacklock, sitting with Hemsworth, 37, lined up the hesitant costume designers.

Addressing the camera, Chris said: “Hey, Ryan Reynolds. What’s going on man?

“I saw you take your mom to talk to me and say some horrible things, so I got my dad to say something about you.”

Dan quickly stopped: “I’m not your daddy … he’s a top man,” and Hemsworth completely ignored him and continued: “He’s not a top man.

“We talked about it before. Tell them all the things we’ve considered: you hate it, it’s advertising *** Sir, the worst actor, your least favorite in the whole world. Canadian. “

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“It’s ridiculous,” Dan said. Hemsworth added: “It’s not ridiculous, this is what we talked about and you said you hate aviation genes because it’s disgusting.” Dan explains that aviation gin (Reynolds’ brand) is his favorite drink.

Chris continued: “And, oh, Green lantern, What did you say about that? “It’s the best movie ever,” Dan said, to which Chris replied: “No, it’s not the best movie ever.” It’s not a good movie, even if you like it. Why are you doing this? We talked about this earlier.

Ryan Reynolds.  Credit: P.A.
Ryan Reynolds. Credit: P.A.

The video comes in response to a clip of Reynolds’ own mom, Tammy, which he was prepared to read.

He later apologized and added: “I’m so sorry for my son Ryan, Chris. You know, it’s my fault, I got her wrong, “said Chris before concluding his message by saying that she loved his performance. Amazing man … The movie that Chris Pine Starred in

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