Chrissy Tegin says children’s laughter helps her cope with abuse

Chrissy Teigen Says Kids

The famous cookbook author sits with husband John Legend for her first joint interview since she lost her unborn son Jack in a horrific abortion.

John Legend And Chrissy Tegan A joint TV interview in late September (20) revealed her “complete and brief grief” since she had an abortion.

The model and TV personality, who was five months pregnant when she lost the couple’s son, cut off her social media updates immediately after the heartbreak, and both she and the singer legend spoke less publicly about the tragedy. Talked on.

But they “agreed to sit down and talk.”Good Morning America“Every day is very different,” said Chrissy. When people ask me how I’m doing, I say, ‘I’m fine, today.’ ”

He further added that he had received “thousands of letters” from people hiding from his story, although the legend did not reveal that they did not know that they could both “experience grief and share it”. And defended the couple’s decision to post pictures of the stars holding their baby. Jack’s lifeless body wrapped in a blanket on social media.

He added: “It was really very important to a lot of people. I am so thankful that my wife was so courageous in doing so … a way we can preserve Jack’s memory. He was taking pictures of the moment. Worried, like, I don’t want to remember this pain … (but there are photos) something to remember him. ”

Criticized for sharing the images, Chrissy added, “I kept it alive, I chose to do it, and more than that, these photos are not for anyone but for those who have lived or wondered. Curious what these photos are like. These photos are for people who need them. I don’t care what other people think. ”

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Thankfully, the couple had two children, Luna, Char and Miles, two, John and Chrissy bent over to deal with the pain and grief. “They bring a lot of fun, a lot of fun every day and every day,” Tegin said. “You don’t want to get stuck in bed when you hear laughter downstairs. It helps a lot.”

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