Christopher Lloyd to make a film at Costume Shop

Christopher Lloyd to make a film at Costume Shop

veteran star Christopher Lloyd ,back to the future), at the age of 83, will star in a film by the American fantasy store chain spirit halloween, well called spirit halloweenThe production will be a family adventure story with horror elements.

according to this varietyThe plot will take place inside a haunted unit of Spirit Halloween, where a group of children “She soon learns that it is the fault of a bewildered evil spirit with strange animatronic characters. They soon embark on a thrilling and chilling adventure to survive the night and prevent them from happening the next time.”,

In addition to Lloyd’s, production will also feature Rachel Leigh Cook ,he is great) and part of the cast of Raven’s house, With filming already completed, production should make its debut in the United States in October, celebrated on the 31st of the month, just in time for Halloween this year. Meanwhile, the film remains without an official date set.

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