Chrome browser speed .. New tool

Chrome browser speed .. New tool

Internet Desk: For the last few days, there are reports that desktop computers are slowing down while using Google Chrome browser. Users of the social media platform allege this is due to the increased use of RAM and memory (computer resources) by the browser. Users say that this makes the computer react more slowly and the browser tab opens late. Google has taken steps to resolve the issue. According to the Chrome project company Chrome, a new technology called ‘Partition Alok’ is being developed as part of it.

Anti division

Partition light is a technology that allocates memory to the browser. This determines how much memory your browser should allocate to which object. In addition it provides better security for the browser. This means that every time we open the URL in the browser tab, it splits the memory into separate parts. It also prevents malware programs from infecting the operating system (OS). In addition, the Chrome browser runs faster, and internal web pages load faster. This will further improve RAM performance.

Information on the partition light technology will soon be introduced for Windows as well as Android and Linux OS. We are currently testing this tool as a beta version on Windows and Android OS. There are some problems with the Linux version. It is likely that they will recover soon and tests will be conducted again. Testing of this technology is showing better performance on Windows and Android. According to the Chromium project, the technology is also being tested in the Microsoft Edge browser, and details will be revealed soon.

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