Cities in Australia and New Zealand have health lockout without registering new cases

Cities in Australia and New Zealand have health lockout without registering new cases
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Melbourne, Australia

In New Zealand and Australia, after zeroing the number of cities like Auckland and Melbourne New case of Kovid-19
, Will leave the lockdown system on Wednesday (17). Since the onset of the epidemic, countries in Oceania have been exposed in their measures to combat the spread of new coronaviruses. With few cases registered, this action allows locals to return to normalcy quickly. Information was collected by G1.

Melbourne is the second largest city Australia
, Will allow several installations to open from 23:59 local time this Wednesday (17), as Australian authorities did not register any new cases of Kovid-19. With the end of the restrictions, spectators will be able to check out the Australia Open final, one of the world’s premier tennis competitions to be held in Melbourne Park. The tournament will account for about 50% of the audience.

New restrictive measures were taken after health officials detected 25 new cases of new coronovirus in the area. As a result, some measures are applied, such as mandatory use of masks and, by 26 February, one can gain up to five seizures at a time. Return to commerce and schools Reopen system

In an interview, the Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, celebrates the positive impact Lockdown
Was in the area. “We are going to be able to move this period freely with people because this small and precise emergency measure has worked,” Andrews said.

Australia has one of the most serious plans to deal with the new coronovirus in the world. After an outbreak in the second half of last year, local authorities thought of severe restrictions to contain this increase in the number of fingering. With such measures, the population lasted for weeks without registering new cases.

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One of the measures chosen was that visitors should be required to follow a quarantine period, because in this way, the country has control over infected people and potential transmissions. In Australia, 25 new cases of Kovid-19 were detected by people who went through this mandatory imprisonment in an airport hotel.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

On New Zealand
The three-day imprisonment created in the city of Auckland will come to an end on Wednesday night (17) after confirming that an increase in the number of cases in the city is already under control. After the record of three new cases, the first ban of imprisonment in the area was defined on Sunday night (14).

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said family members of the infected people were from the same family and had negative test results in addition to those who went into isolation. “We do not have a generalized epidemic, but there is a small range of transmission through our normal processes to track and analyze contact cases,” he said.

Arden explains that despite coming out of the city’s lockdown system, it will still remain at level two of attention. Meeting with more than 100 people is not permitted and the use of the mask on public transport is still mandatory. Those who attend schools and have any contact with the three infected people should be kept in captivity.

New Zealand, a reference to combat the new coronovirus, recorded only 26 Kovid-19 deaths in a country of five million inhabitants.

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