City Hall invests in sport and Aparecida’s athletes stand out even abroad

City Hall invests in sport and Aparecida's athletes stand out even abroad
Photo: Claudivino Antunes

Funding for various sports, financial support for athletes in tournaments in Brazil and abroad, and state-of-the-art equipment make the city a model in sport and leisure.

The medals won by gymnast Rebecca Andrade in Tokyo prove that social projects – where she began her career – can lead to a victorious future in sport and life. For this reason, the city of Aparecida follows the booklet to the letter, investing in actions to stimulate the interest of children, youth and adolescents in sports, which are synonymous with health, well-being, citizenship, loyalty and a sense of collectivity. .

In one of the main initiatives to support sports training, the city of Aparcida has created an opportunity for private associations in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and futsal to operate throughout the city, teach the sport and represent the city regional, national and public. makes calls. international competitions.

Calls come every two years. After meeting the requirements of the notice and the signing of contracts, sports institutions receive public contributions to finance the services they provide to the city for 24 months. These include teaching small schools, providing uniforms and transporting athletes.

The Apparitions team is one of the clubs considered by public call. In a previous contribution, the club received an investment of R$5.245 million from the municipality. The money is used to pay salaries for technical teams, pay for the maintenance of farms and other physical structures, and thus guarantee the care of 1,200 children and teens enrolled in Apparition’s soccer schools.

Apparedens in the match against Villa Nova at the Estadio Anibal Batista de Toledo (Photo: Claudivino Antunes)

The transfer from Aparecida City Hall, which reaches R$218 thousand on a monthly average, can be used to cover the expenses of 200 football athletes in the Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and 20 categories, in addition to the professional team. is also done for , who compete in the Brazilian D, Copa do Brasil and Copa Verde; and the wheelchair basketball team.

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“I am very grateful to Mayor Gustavo Mendanha for this help, which comes from our late former Mayor Maguito Villala. Thousands of teens benefit from this work, which is also social work, because the sport marginalizes youth,” says Appreciance President Elvis Mendes.

The directors emphasize that the investment by the city of Aparecida helps directly guarantee the income of 62 families, 32 technical and administrative staff and another 30 athletes on the professional team. “In other words, there are about 300 people who, with religious transfers by the city of Aparecida, guaranteed their livelihood in these difficult days of the pandemic”, Elvis says.

City representation in China as well

Aparecida’s Sports, Leisure and Youth Secretary, Gerfson Aragao, explains that the municipality, through the Attorney, Internal Control and Sports Department, strictly examines the accountability presented by Aparecidas and other institutions involved in the public call. “This resource is very well implemented, very well segmented and very well used”, guarantees Gerfson.

The public manager confirms that the public call is wide and open, and is publicized in the press throughout the city. Gerfson informed that, as determined by Mayor Gustavo Mendanha, public calls would be expanded to encourage other modalities, such as martial arts, for example.

“These calls require a lot of courage and determination from the mayor. And he was right when he decided to have them implanted. Now the results are starting to show. We have a 20-year-old athlete running the South American Athletics Championships.” Bronze medalist in the US. All with investment from City Hall. We have athletes who go to China, the United States and Brasilia to compete in the championships”, explains the secretary.

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Gerfson Arago also referred to the Aparecida competition program created during the administration of Mayor Gustavo Mendanha to financially help high-performing athletes in tournaments played in Goa, Brazil and other regions abroad. The initiative, according to the sports secretary, currently benefits 300 athletes, who receive $1,500 to compete in Brazil and $3,500 to help travel to the tournament abroad.

Sports initiation children play football on a society field at the Olympic Center (Photo: Enio Medeiros)

Goias. in-game references

Aparecida is a two-time champion in the 2017 and 2018 Open Games in Goa, in the modalities of futsal, volleyball, basketball, athletics, swimming, karate and taekwondo. “The city is very well represented”, assesses Gerfson, attributing the good results to Aparecida City Hall’s investment in local sports. He also mentioned that the city now has 140 open-air gyms and 85 kilometers of cycle paths and cycle lanes.

When observing the Games in Aparecida, the title holder also mentions the Olympic Center, where classes in dozens of sports are offered for free, which, in the total capacity of the campus, can accommodate 3,000 students over three shifts.

“Aparecida really invests in its athletes. We have our recently inaugurated Sidadania-esports station, which already receives athletes in training in modalities of athletics, volleyball, taekwondo and futsal, and Now we open 300 registrations for kids in this area, all of them are already filled out. We’re going to start classes on September 15th”, says Gerfson Aragao.

The next public structure for sports and leisure to be distributed to the community by the municipality is Praça da Juventude in the Garvello sector. The Sports Secretary informed that 67 per cent of the construction work of the complex has been completed and should be completely completed by November this year. The square will have attractions such as a walking track, a gym for the elderly, a soccer field with synthetic grass, a theatre, a social area and a skate park.

Athletes train in a structure set up inside Tae Kwon Do citizenship-sports station (Photo: Claudivino Antunes)
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