Classifieds, Belgium, China and the United States Advance

Classifieds, Belgium, China and the United States Advance

classified – Fourth day of competitions women’s basketball In the Olympic Games, we had four games. Thus, in Group B, the United States faced the Japanese hosts and won 86–69. In the second game of the group, France defeated Nigeria 87–62.

Belgium in Group C. won second place in Olympic Games, defeated Puerto Rico’s selection 87 to 52. In the second game of the group, China beat Australia by a score of 76 to 74. With this, of the two groups, Belgium, China already classified for next stage I America.

United States 86 x 69 Japan

United States and Japan K reached the second round as Group B leaders women’s basketball in tokyo, With victories over Nigeria and France. Like this Olympic Champion Team Entered the court again as the favourite. However, Hostess put up a lot of resistance in the opening quarter. However, throughout the match, Americans Recovered, and won 69 to 86.

A’ja Wilson, the wing of the Las Vegas Aces, was again the highlight of the clash, scoring 20 points and 10 rebounds. On the other hand, Dhuri Maki was Takada’s great player. Japan, obtaining 15 marks. Result ranks selection American for the next step.

France 87 x 62 Nigeria

The French team was trying to recover from their debut loss to Japan, while the Nigerians tried to surprise with their first win at this edition of the Olympic Games. However, France remained calm, winning the first three quarters easily and closing the match 87-62 with a 25-point advantage.

main attraction of France With 14 points and nine rebounds, the pivot was Sandrine Gruda. On the other hand, Promise Amukamara, the owner of the ship, finished out in Nigeria with 11 points.

Belgium 87 x 52 Puerto Rico

Belgium defeated Australia in the first round, while the Puerto Rican national team struggled to recover from a loss to China on their debut. was biased Belgian, and was confirmed throughout the match, which ended in 87–52. european team, with a gain of 35 marks.

Emma Messemann was again the highlight of the game, with 26 points for Belgium in a double-double and 15 rebounds. On the other hand, wing-guard Jazmon Gwathmee stood out among them. Puerto Ricanso, with 20 marks. As a result, the Belgian team is classified.

China 76 x 74 Australia

The second match of the group was between China and Australia. Both the teams played a great and exciting game – the best ever. Competition, with balance until the last second of the collision. NS China surprised the favorite Australia and won 76 to 74.

The highlight of the Chinese team was Wang Siyu, who scored 20 points. On the Australian side, the main attraction was Ezzie Magbegor, who scored 15 points.

As a victory, China is one of them classified for the next stage. already Australia I got complicated Competition And you have to win the final round to try for the best third place finisher.

By kaik sousa I Felipe Melo.

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