Cleo Pires, Giovanna Evbanks and Erica Januja to star in Disney+ series

Cleo Pires, Giovanna Evbanks and Erica Januja to star in Disney+ series

Actresses Cleo Pires, Giovanna Evbanks and Erica Januja will star in the Disney+ series “The Magic of Aruna”. The plot is a mixture of mystery and fantasy that should please the Brazilian public.

However, the series is not expected to debut on the streaming service until next year. “A Maggia de Aruna” tells the story of Mima (Jamilie Mariano), a teenager from Rio de Janeiro who tries to hide her strange power of hyperempathy in a world apart from magic facing a solar crisis.

But, she will lose control of her mysterious power when she participates in an important competition. The girl runs away from her companions and discovers a magic that happened 300 years ago. She did not expect to awaken the three guardian witches.

Actress Susanna Pearce also participates in the cast, who will play Bruma.

The series is shot entirely in Rio de Janeiro and stars screenwriters Myra Oliveira and Ana Pacheco, with direction by Eduardo Waisman and Rodrigo Van der Put. He has collaborations with Bruna Trindade, Clara Meirels, Leandro Matos and Resner de Paula.

Disney+ is expected to announce soon what date the series will launch, as well as reveal other names that will join the main cast.

Actress Erica Januzza said in a Disney+ promotional video that her character, Latifah, is a witch who has powers very important to the universe. Giovanna Ivbanks described her character, Dion Juno, as a “motherly and clumsy” person.

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