Cobra Kai criticizes The Karate Kid, the film hits Netflix

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The Karate Kid of 2010 was a critical attempt to bring back the famous franchise. But, in 2021, the feature was a success on Netflix thanks to Cobra Kai, which is also available on the platform.

Pop Culture claims that the 2010 film is one of the 10 most-watched films in the United States. The country is one of the main markets of the platform, like Brazil.


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For the sites out there, the reason for the success is that the fourth season of Cobra Kai arrives in late 2021. With this, the event of the chain will force the customers to consume everything related to it.

The 2010 Karate Kid has no confirmed association with the series. The film stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, is set in China and uses the story of the first Karate Kid as inspiration.

The critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes was 66%, which isn’t a bad grade. However, many fans did not like the use of this feature to revive the popular franchise in the 1980s.

Now, viewers question whether Jaden or Jackie Chan could also appear in Cobra Kai, which continues the original franchise, confirming the relationship between the productions.

As in the US, this Karate Kid movie is in Brazil (remembering that non-original titles may leave Netflix in the future due to exhibition contracts).

Cobra Kai arrives on Netflix with a fourth season

Netflix revealed the teaser for the fourth season of Cobra Kai at a TODAY event and confirmed a December 31 premiere date. New teams have been created in the video.

The teaser reveals what the new dynamics of the Karate Kid series will be like. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence form a separate team.

Meanwhile, John Criss gets Terry Silver back. The Karate Kid villain returns and already shows he’s back in action.

Cobra Kai has been renewed for Season 5 on Netflix. The recording of the Karate Kid series starts in 2021.

This news has come at a good time for the fans. The fourth season of Cobra Kai, as seen, is confirmed to arrive in December 2021.

With the renewal, viewers of The Karate Kid series no longer have to worry about the continuation of the attraction. Filming for the fifth season takes place in Atlanta (USA) beginning in the spring.

Season four is expected to coincide with a new edition of the All Valley regional tournament. There are no details yet as to whether the contest continues for the fifth year or whether it will be a conspiracy about the results of this edition that promises a lot of rivalry.

As mentioned earlier, the fourth season of Cobra Kai arrives on Netflix on December 31st.

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