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Dogs and cats are rescued in a ‘puppy factory’ north of São Paulo

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – The animal-rescued rescued 33 dogs and 10 cats from a house, used strictly as a “puppy factory”, according to police, around noon Saturday (24), Villa Éster , The region in Jaçanã (north of the capital of São Paulo). A dog and cat died soon after the rescue. All animals, mostly puppies kept without water or food, were caught in a 44-year-old housewife’s residence amid filth, on charges of misconduct. In a custody hearing, this Sunday (25), he received provisional release according to TJ-SP (Court of Justice of São Paulo). Agora calls the suspect’s cell phone. A young woman, who identified herself as his daughter, said that the woman was not at home around 2 pm. The defense of the housewife was also not located until the publication of this report. In testimony to the police, the housewife said she took the animals on the road for “adoption purposes”, but was already accepting of selling “several dogs”. All animals kept in the suspect’s home are mixed breed. The woman said, still in her interrogation, to take the animals to a fair, which is located eastward along the coast of Avenida Jacu-Passego, where she exchanged them for food and gave them for $ 70 sold. Argued to talk to puppies for the fact of being unemployed. About 24 hours before the act, 28-year-old independent guard Deborah Mira de Souza received an anonymous complaint stating that dogs and cats were placed in an abusive situation at a house in the north. “He told of all his sufferings, such as in rain or strong sunlight, in the basement, without water or food, in a miserable state.” In addition, the complaint indicated that the women were released on the street in the summer, where they were fertilized and, after giving birth, their puppies were taken to clan fairs, where they were treated as purebred dogs. Was sold “With the complaint, we called the police and a GCM [Guarda Civil Metropolitano] Who supports us in these rescue operations, “explained the defender. Around this Saturday afternoon, when a car was parked in front of the suspect’s house, supposedly to take the puppies to the clan’s fair, GCM Joe Group In addition to the military, police officers in addition to the military, they contacted the housewife. Previously, according to the PM, she refused to sell the animals. However, after the police found the number of puppies in the house, the woman took the animals. Confirmed the sale, which, according to the suspicion, was neither vaccinated nor dewormed, according to images taken with a cell phone, the dogs were kept in the playpen, crowded, without water or food. A puppy, the pictures show, as it is not very vulnerable. Even, they were kept inside a bird cage. Vitthal vet David Cerelli accompanied the entire rescue of dogs and cats, which stool and urine. Lived between. He explained that a puppy and a puppy. The cat died after rescue. “The dogs were very weak, due to parvovirus, and did not resist. On the other hand, the cat needed to be sacrificed, because it was sick and transmitted to humans with a disease, “he explained. Other animals, he said, were stable and were already medicinal.” The general picture of them Malnutrition and dehydration. Neither of them has anemia. It seems that they were not food for them. But our expectation is good, I believe that almost everyone will be available for adoption this Monday. [26]”He said. Cerelli highlighted some of the characteristics of the environment in which animals were housed. They are: a place with feces and urine, little space for large amounts of animals, without cleaning or sanitizing animals, sick. Permanence of animals together. With healthy people, in addition to the previously stated lack of water and food. Continuing the treatment of rescued animals requires protection with temporary homes, food and money. Any help whatsoever Wants to, he can send an email to deeh.souza01-hotmail.com or even by instagram @ debs.meira01.

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