Comedians ask and Netflix highlights short films under 90 minutes

Comedians ask and Netflix highlights short films under 90 minutes

Netflix decided to introduce a new category with movies under 90 minutes to speed up the lives of those who just want to watch a quick title, spend half an hour browsing the streaming menu to find it Without. By highlighting this category, it seems that the company listened to North American comedians who asked the production company to make a list of “short-ash movies”.


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Pete Davidson and other Saturday Night Live (SNL) guests rapped about spending too much time watching too long movies. Comedy shows scored a spot on “long-ass movies”, which would be worse than “short-ace movies”.

Satire Summary: Now with the agility of having a catalog with hundreds of movie options, it seems that the smaller the better. People want entertainment that is simple, easy, and above all, short – no one has much time to spend browsing the Netflix menu. and not spider man no return home or Batman (2022) Avoid long screen time.

In response to the comedian, Netflix retweeted the SNL board and wrote “good idea.” Streaming posted a link to the “Short-Ass Movies” list, a new category created for movies shorter than 90 minutes in the United States. It is organized according to genres such as “Popular on Netflix”, “Comedies”, “Horror Movies” and “Action Thriller”.

Enter the list of Brazilian films

Some of the films selected by streaming are national masterpieces, such as the first my mom is a piece, crow: movie And seven headed animal, in the international arena, Witch, Monty Python in search of the Holy Grail this is Chainsaw Massacre Less than 90 minutes of work on Netflix are also part of the category.

according to this ledgeHowever, the list of “short-ace movies” is yet to be revealed in the Netflix app. Streaming spokesman Kumiko Hidaka said the list is available from 10 a.m. on Monday (4) to all users who log in on any device.

If you like short movies to have fun in less time, then this is the category of dreams. The list named “Short-Ass Movies” is only available for Netflix in the United States, despite SNL fulfilling the comedian’s request.

In Brazil, the category name is simply “Movies less than 90 minutes”. Well, he could be a little more creative for a Brazilian audience. After all, a “short-ass film” isn’t just a short film: it can be a “short film” or a “short film”. Netflix isn’t using the great Portuguese-language tool that sums up this situation very well: small.

The contest is watching and has answered the SNL wrap. Mubi, a streaming service with fewer users and aimed at a more cult audience, sticks to its own category of short films – some around 25 minutes long.

Comedians ask and Netflix highlights short films under 90 minutes

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