Comedy with Rebel Wilson leads the top 10 global ranking of most-watched productions on Netflix

Comedy with Rebel Wilson leads the top 10 global ranking of most-watched productions on Netflix

Netflix Last week (from 9 to 15 May) it updated its ranking of the most viewed presentations on the platform.

Feature with actress in case of films rebel wilson dominated the global rankings and was No. 1 displacing the controversial 365 days: today, back to prom ,senior year) was viewed by more than 55 million hours worldwide (55,940,000).

The film was in the top 10 in 93 countries. It topped the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, UK and many other countries.

Doctor Our Father, At the second start of the week, it took second place with 23 million hours (23,870,000) during the period. in third place we had animation marmaduke, Over 15 million views (15,030,000)

The top 10 global movies are:

for the series, the last episode of ozarki continues to dominate the global top 10 most viewed English language productions. But the series’ viewership dropped significantly from 100 million hours last week to 48 million in the reporting period. Apparently people have completed a marathon of episodes, right?

new series Lincoln Lawyer Almost came in first place in the ranking. During this time it was watched for 45 million hours. New episodes of reality shows like Circle USA (Season 4) and Bling Empire (Season 2) entered the Global Top 10 with 14,120,000 and 10,750,000 hours of views, respectively.

The top 10 global series are:

In Brazil, the ranking was as follows:

netflix functionality

Every Tuesday, Netflix releases a list of the 10 most-watched productions, whether movies or series, divided into the following categories: Film (Spoken English), TV (Spoken English) , Film (Non-English Language Production in English) and TV (Non-English Language Production).

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The platform distributes weekly numbers in hourly views format, that is, the total number of views each title has been viewed by users worldwide from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.

Movies are considered for series for their total length and for the total length of each season. It would generally be possible to appear in the list of Stranger Things Seasons 2 and 3, for example. Netflix also shows how many times each title appears on the list.

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