Compulsory Vaccines in America

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The corporate world in the United States – and a growing number of global companies – is working to force their employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19) as they return to at least a partial return to face-to-face work. make preparations for.

There are a number of strategies, from encouragement and invitations to literally, “If you don’t get vaccinated, you lose your job.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to the team on Wednesday announcing the need for a vaccine for employees returning to the office. This policy will be implemented in the United States in the coming weeks and in other regions in the coming months.

All Facebook employees should be vaccinated before returning to the office. “As soon as our offices reopen, we will need to vaccinate anyone who comes to work in the US,” said HR vice president Lori Golar.

According to Hollywood newspaper Deadline, Netflix is ​​seeking a COVID-19 vaccine for the cast of all its productions in the United States as well as people who have come in contact with them. Hollywood unions and major studios have drafted return to work protocols that include the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for cast and crew in Zone A. “Zone A” includes the actors and the people they contact.

A survey showed that more than 60% of companies in the most diverse sectors in the United States intend to request proof of vaccination from employees.

At the same time, the US government has developed guidelines that authorize companies to request the vaccine and ban employees who can refuse it and show up for work.

The picture of a complex reality, where the desire to accelerate normalization through vaccine dosages is on a collision course with pressures to guarantee privacy and individual rights…

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