Corn Planting Advances in the United States; Improvement in the valuation of wheat

Corn Planting Advances in the United States;  Improvement in the valuation of wheat

Maize planting is advanced in the United States According to the figures of, last week early but still a little late US Department of Agriculture (USDA)in its weekly crop monitoring report.

Producers 72% of the total maize area sown The forecast up to last Sunday (22), is 23 percentage points higher than the previous week.

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However, fieldwork still lags behind the average of the previous year (89%) and the previous five years (79%).

The USDA also said 39% of the crop was harvested, up from 61 percent at the same time last year and 51 percent at the five-year average.

soy and wheat

already soy planting It was 50% complete, up from 73% a year ago and 55% on a five-year average. According to the USDA, 21% of the crop was harvested, compared to 38% a year earlier and an average of 26%.

The USDA reports that 28% of the winter wheat crop The country was in good or excellent condition till last Sunday, an improvement of 1 percentage point from the previous week.

The share stood at 47% on the same date of 2021. The USDA also said that 63% of the crop was plowed, compared to an average of 65% a year ago and the previous five years.

For spring wheat, the USDA said planting was 49% complete as of Sunday, up from 93% at the same time last year and 83% on the five-year average.

In addition, 29% of the crop came out a year earlier, up from 63% and an average of 50%.

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The report also revealed that cotton farmers had sown 54% of the total required area till last Sunday, compared to 47% in the corresponding date last year and an average of 51% in the last five years.

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