Coronavirus: Andover – trends for Brazil’s innovation ecosystem, according to Negpoca Negócios

Coronavirus: Andover – trends for Brazil’s innovation ecosystem, according to Negpoca Negócios

Camilla Junquera, Director of Endeavor Brisil (Photo: Disclosure)

2020 was a historic year Effort – And not just because of the epidemic. Founded in the United States in 1997, the non-profit organization completed 20 years in Brazil last year. Designed to support Impact Entrepreneurs, it focuses on scale-up, Startup With high growth potential and scale.

Even he did not face the health crisis easily. According to the organization’s director in Brazil, Camila Junqueira, the explanation is simple: For a company with developmental DNA, operations in “survival mode” were unprecedented. Traditional companies used for sustainability had to learn to be agile.

Was the executive guest of Negative This Friday (01/22). In the talk, he spoke about the challenges and lessons brought by the epidemic for entrepreneurs and companies. He also discussed trends for the future of Brazil’s innovation ecosystem.

Despite the crisis, the past year has been positive for the startup ecosystem. Brazil won three new units, and two others joined the team in the first month of 2021. Assessing the innovation ecosystem holistically, Camilla concluded that there were still challenges. The quest for global competition is one of them.

The notion of entrepreneurship as an instrument of social and economic impact also needs to grow accordingly. “We are not working to make more entrepreneurs rich, but these entrepreneurs to change the country.”

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