Coronavirus: NHS publishes guidelines for COVID-19 app errors on iPhones. Science and technology news

The NHS COVID-19 app is not launching for many iPhone owners

Many iPhone users are having difficulty getting the NHS Covid-19 app to launch on their phones.

People have been reporting since last week that the app doesn’t load, instead getting stuck on the blue screen with the NHS logo.

The NHS has published one Work For Glitch, iPhone owners need to make sure they are the latest version of Apple iOS software.

If this fails, the guide asks you to reset the location and privacy in the settings.

The NHS has not commented on the cause of the error or when it will be fixed, while Apple does not believe the issue is over because apps from other countries are running smoothly.

Some iPhone users are also reporting the app working after installing the update.

One Twitter user wrote: “After installing the update the app will no longer open on my phone, it just hangs on the loading screen with the NHS logo.”

Advising another user experiencing the same issue, the official Twitter account for the NHS Covid-19 app said: “If you have recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 and are seeing an error in the NHS Covid-19 app If so, you may need to manually turn on exposure notifications in your settings. “

Other iPhone users have advised people to delete and reinstall the app to get it working.

The Department of Health and Social Care said it was aware of the problem.

It said in a statement: “The app is still scanning, even if the screen appears blue.

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IPhone users can take simple steps to resolve this issue, which are set out on the app’s website, and work is underway to identify the cause.

“Users experiencing this issue should ensure that they are updated to the latest version of the Apple iOS software.”

Earlier this month, an error occurred in the NHS COVID app Thousands of people are unknown That they were exposed to coronaviruses and needed to isolate themselves.

Although the technology should have let people know that it was close enough to communicate, it instead recorded that they were too far away for the virus to pass between them.

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