Coronavirus today: Government confused with vaccine delivery flights and UK 4 million vaccine | Brazil and politics

Coronavirus today: Government confused with vaccine delivery flights and UK 4 million vaccine |  Brazil and politics

The country has recorded 460 deaths from Kovid-19 in the last 24 hours, a total of 210,328 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. As a result, the average average of deaths in Brazil in the past 7 days was 959. This variation was + 33% compared to 14 days earlier, indicating an increasing trend in deaths from the disease.

In confirmed cases, new coronoviruses have occurred or occurred in 8,512,238 Brazilians since the onset of the epidemic, of which 29,133 have been confirmed on the last day. The moving average over the past 7 days was 54,058 new diagnoses per day. This represents a variation of + 53% with respect to cases reported over two weeks, which also indicates an increased trend in diagnosis.

Eleven states are higher in deaths: MG, RJ, SP, GO, AM, RO, RR, TO, AL, PE and SE.

The state of Ceará did not issue a bulletin until 8 pm this Monday night.

Ministry confuses flights

The Ministry of Health has changed the flight schedule for delivery of the vaccine to the states. The portfolio made changes more than once between yesterday morning and afternoon. Many states received overnight packages only, which delayed the start of vaccination.

In some cases, state officials were already waiting at airports when they were surprised by the changes. At least six places which used to be received before 4 pm, are now received only in the evening.

The Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuelo, said yesterday that the government is ready to negotiate the acquisition of any vaccine that is available and with “viable” proposals.

Regarding the Pfizer-produced immunizer, Pazuelo then stated that contractual issues regarding prices and deadlines prevented the acquisition. “When the laboratory accepts or brings us a commendable proposal, I am the first to accept it,” the minister said at a press conference.

President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday received India’s Ambassador, Suresh Reddy, amid an impasse over the delivery of 2 million doses of the vaccine against Coronavirus produced in the Asian country.

Bolsonaro requested advance delivery of the vaccine dose developed by AstraZeneca in partnership with the University of Oxford, with which the Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (FiroCruz) has entered into a technology transfer agreement. But last Friday, the Indian Chancellor said that it is unlikely that they could deliver the immunity immediately, as the country would begin a vaccination campaign later this week.

Rio de Janeiro’s health secretary, Carlos Alberto Cheves, stated that all 92 municipalities in Rio should receive the respective dose of vaccine against Kovid-19 today. The delivery was scheduled for tomorrow, as reported by Rio’s acting governor, Claudio Castro (PSC), on Monday. 487,520 doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19 are destined for Rio, in this first phase of vaccination in the country, as reported yesterday by the Rio de Janeiro government.

The federal government ordered an initial dose of 577,480 to be sent to Minas Gerais for vaccination against Kovid-19. According to the state Department of Health of Minas Gerais, this quantity would be sufficient to serve all priority groups in two doses of vaccination.

The secretariat hopes that 280 thousand people will be vaccinated by the end of the week. The second dose will be applied by mid-February.

Vaccine in Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo yesterday at 6:20 pm, an Azul aircraft, chartered by the Ministry of Health, against Kovid-19 with 101,320 doses to serve the state’s priority groups. The first dose was applied in 20h20 to nursing technician Iolanda Brito, who works at the hospital Gem Santos Neves in Serra, a reference hospital in the fight against Kovid-19 in the state.

In a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of vaccination in Espírito Santo, Governor Renato Casagrende (PSB) stated that, for now, the vaccine would only be distributed to professionals in the Unified Health System (SUS). Immunizers of Instituto Butanon and Synovac will be given to 48,246 people in two doses in priority groups, with the second dose being given within 14 to 28 days. The priority groups are 42,273 health professionals, 2,793 indigenous people, 2,970 elderly people and 210 people with illnesses and who are hospitalized.

The amount of vaccines initially sent by the federal government to the state of Permambuco, 270,000 doses, represents more than 21% of the total dose, with the application of two doses, the state’s entire priority group, which is composed of It is necessary to vaccinate with. By elderly people, villagers and health professionals.

Yesterday afternoon, Pernambuco, André Longo’s health secretary, participated in a “treaty” with the municipalities to choose groups that would receive the first dose. The government estimated that 30% of health workers would be served, who are directly involved in combating the epidemic in front of the line. Apart from them, priority will be given to the elderly over 60 years, who live in nursing homes, institutions and indigenous villagers who are disabled.

Pin doria back to government

São Paulo Governor João Doria once again pulled up the federal government for the purchase and development of more vaccines against Kovid-19. “We need vaccines. The only vaccine available in Brazil is butanone. It is time to charge the federal government and the Ministry of Health where there are other vaccines, ”he said during a press interview yesterday.

The governor also made fun of the federal government’s rescue of the Oxford vaccine, whose first batch would come from India and was also conditioned by President Zaire Bolsonaro to start the vaccination. On Friday, the Indian government said it did not intend to comply with Oxford’s request for two million doses of the vaccine.

New batch of 4.8 million vaccines

“Everyone leaves [6 milhões autorizadas] They have already been distributed to the Ministry of Health. São Paulo has taken the quota, that is.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) filed a public civil action requiring the federal government to establish eligibility standards for Kovid-19 patients in São Paulo with rapid processing of ICU beds. According to the MPF, there was a three-month gap between eligibility and requests for assistance by the Ministry of Health.

Action is also taken to complement the existing bed spreadsheet to facilitate consultation. And that they are provided with free access to the consultation of the population on the website of the Ministry of Health or at an electronic address.

Brazil yesterday called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to honor its commitments to the international community and pharmaceutical companies and to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines against Kovid-19 worldwide.

Some time ago, the Director General of the WHO, Tedros Edholm Ghebius, condemned “nationalism of vaccines”, at the inauguration of the executive board of the global entity. He warns that the world is on the verge of “catastrophic moral failure” by allowing the rich to fall behind in access to immunizers to protect their populations from Kovid-19.

Shortly after the White House announced that it planned to lift the ban on entry into the US for travelers passing through Brazil, the European Union and the United Kingdom over the past two weeks, future White House press secretary Jane Saki took to Twitter But said he would be repealed by the Biden government, which takes office on Wednesday.

“With the worldwide emerging epidemic and more contagious forms worsening, this is not the time to lift the ban on international travel,” Saki tweeted. Read more here

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that he asked Pfizer if the state could buy the vaccine directly from the drugmaker.

According to a report published by the newspaper “Financial Times”, Cuomo stated, “As you are not bound by the commitments made by Modern as part of Operation Ward Speed, I am requesting that the dosage be sent directly to New York State Be allowed to buy. ” Letter sent to Albert Borla, Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer.

Drugmakers have not received funding from Operation Tana pace, set up by the Donald Trump administration to accelerate vaccine development. So far, Pfizer has held direct talks with the federal government, but Cuomo said his job is to “go all the way.”

Around 4 million people have received the first dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine in the UK. The figures were released by Health Minister Matt Hancock on Monday.

The minister said that the National Health Service (NHS) is under pressure due to increasing cases of the disease. According to him, a new patient is admitted every 30 seconds in the UK. Today, about 37,500 people were being treated in health facilities, a record since the onset of the epidemic.

England’s NHS national director Steve Powis said it may be some time before vaccines are able to ease the pressure on British hospitals to cancel elective surgeries to have more beds for patients with Kovid-19 already Have done.

Earlier, Minister Nadim Zahavi, who coordinated the UK’s vaccination program, revealed that the government plans to launch a pilot program by the end of the month to create 24-hour immunization centers in London to speed up the application of the dose Can go .

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel will hold a virtual meeting next Tuesday with the governors of the country’s 16 states to discuss the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The country’s infection rate has stabilized in recent times, an indication that strict “lockdown” since December may be effective in reducing the spread of the virus. But officials fear that the new mutation will increase fingering.

According to the federal government’s infectious diseases agency Robert Koch Institute, there have been 11,369 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. In addition, another 989 people died in the period.

The increase of infection in the UK because of a more contagious form of the virus worries German health officials, who fear the mutation may spread quickly if measures in place are not extended or reinforced.

Merkel is one of those who advocate new restrictions. Although restaurants, most shops and schools have already closed, the government is also considering a demand for the adoption of night curfews and the use of more effective masks on public transport.

Some hospitals in Poland have suspended vaccination against Kovid-19 after not taking the expected dose of antibodies developed by Pfizer in partnership with BioNotech.

According to the Associated Press, Michael Dvorszak, one of the government officials responsible for monitoring the vaccine’s application, said yesterday that only 50% of the doses expected over the weekend have been delivered.

Hospitals in the Skóskin region in the northwest of the country and in southern Poland temporarily postponed the first vaccination, claiming that they did not receive sufficient doses to vaccinate the population.

With the delay, the Polish government will have to change the national immunization schedule against Kovid-19, which began in December.

The country has already received 1.5 million doses and saved half of them for a second application of the vaccine, as recommended by Pfizer to ensure greater immunization.

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