Coronavirus: USA has the lowest number of hospitalized patients in 4 months – ópoca Negócios

Coronavirus: USA has the lowest number of hospitalized patients in 4 months - ópoca Negócios

The US health care system looks at the number of hospitalized patients (Photo: photo by Saul Loeb-Pool / Getty Image)

The continued decline in the number of coronavirus cases in the United States has eased the American health care system. Yesterday, according to data from the Kovid Track Project, the number of people hospitalized for treatment of the disease in the country fell to 42,541, the lowest level since October 25. The drop coincides with the acceleration of the American immunization program.

At the height of the crisis, the hospitals had more than 130,000 patients infected with the virus. Johns Hopkins University survey calculated Thursday2% new Kovid-19 from yesterday, a decline of survey% in the US since Thursday. The amount of deaths, according to the institution, ranged from 1,900 to 2,400. More than 28.5 million people in the country contracted the virus, with 520.5 deaths in total.

In Germany, the Chief of Staff to Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hedge Braun, said she was “very skeptical” that it would be possible to fully reopen the economy by Easter on 4 April, but added that restrictive measures have been relaxed since May. are supposed to. This Saturday, the Robert Koch Institute reported that with 300 new deaths, the number of contamination increased by 9,500 to 2,492,079, to 71,804. In recent times, Europe has again recorded an increase in the incidence of Kovid-19 amid the spread of a more infectious form of the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the continent reported 1 million cases this week – a 9% increase from the previous week.

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In the United Kingdom, the identified mutation is spreading significantly in 27 European countries monitored by the WHO and is prominent in at least 10 of the unit counts: the United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Spain Portugal. The strain originating in South Africa is present in 26 European countries, while the Brazilian strain was found in 15.

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