Could a war film be an anti-war message?

Could a war film be an anti-war message?

Could an action and war movie be an anti-war message? This is the focal point of the new creation Netflix “Osside the Wire”. It is like a cocktail of action, war, dystopian and sci-fi films that are very exciting, but not as tasty as they should be. the director, Mikel Hafstrom, He has enough experience to make everything work, in an agile realization but he desperately avoids the dynamics of the two main protagonists. Our constantly changing dynamics between the pair is more than our set of generic Battle Pieces. Landscapes: Eastern Europe, especially the Balkan and Ukraine regions. Fighting nations and most importantly, a tireless gang trying to dominate the region and large areas of nuclear control. The United States is included, of course! Such as robot soldiers called GUMPs. Nothing new here, is there? Explosions, hand-to-hand combat, some broken bones that we see and hear are common scenes of soldiers shooting at close range. Many have been shot while bleeding in all directions.

A nice little violent action that you use without abusing special effects, and at the end leaves two cherries on the cake. “I have to destroy the monster”, Explains Leo during the fight. “Destroying Me and My Creator, U.S. They have to understand that wars have to end. And I am the face of an endless war. “ – Harp says that sacrificing people who die is for the greater good. At some point, we hear that human life is valuable, no matter which side one is on. But the film also questions whether it is appropriate to kill some to save the lives of many people. Those who watch the film see this tension as a morally complex argument or philosophical paradox, depending a lot on each person’s frame of reference. And as the characters develop, we see their light and dark sides, we see good and evil in action, sometimes shoulder to shoulder. All of which contribute to the film’s dark moral vibe. Right and wrong often seem confused here. It is the cut of the final image that may leave room for a sequel.

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