Country star Doug Superno dies after fighting stage IV cancer

Country star Doug Superno dies after fighting stage IV cancer

The ‘I Don’t Hum Daddy’ singer died at his home in Texas at the age of 60 after battling stage IV cancer that spread to his brain and spinal cord.

Aceshobiz – Country star Doug Superno The 60-year-old has lost his battle with cancer.

The tragic news was published on Friday (November 13, 20) on Star’s Facebook account “I Don’t Him Daddy”, noting that he had passed away “peacefully” at his home in Texas.

Superno did hit the country scene in 1993 with his debut album.Red and Rio Grande“, And enjoyed the hit with the title song,” Reno “and” I Don’t Call Him Daddy “, which came at the top of the US country charts.

He released three more albums – “Deep thoughts from the heart“,”You still understand me“, And”Fadin ‘Renegade“While he also hit the charts with the songs” What Will You Do About Me “and” Not Much Time In The Night “.

She was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in her bladder and lungs last year (19) and the cancer had spread to her brain and spinal cord.

Last year, her team set up a GoFundMe page and raised more than 000 8,000 to help with her treatment costs. “We would like to thank both of our friends, and a wonderful fan for a lot of heartfelt prayers during this difficult time,” he said.

After the death of the supernova, Oak Ridge Boys Tweeted, “Doug Superno has gone home … relax brother.”

“Today I am saddened by the loss of my friend Doug Superno. He went with Jesus this morning,” the country star wrote. Doug Stone. “CC, Jade and I will be here for you. Whatever you want! It hurts.”

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