Criticism 2020 Never Again (Netflix, 2020): Laugh So You Don’t Cry

Criticism  2020 Never Again (Netflix, 2020): Laugh So You Don’t Cry

How to retrospectively follow one of the worst years of any generation without being too much or angry? Only with lots of sarcasm, irony and acidity. The experience they have: Charlie Broker and Annabel Jones are not only responsible for imagining the possible dark future of the human series:black Mirror“Produced for special year as year end”Make it clearIn Britain with the same footprint. In them, Charlie comments on the most shocking news in the region, with a pure dose of pure British surging humor. However, an even larger partnership was sought in 2020. Netflix, The creator brought “2020 again sometime“.

While Charlie Brooker lent his voice and face as the host of the series.Make it clear“, This documentary is based on performances by outstanding actors and comedians to create comedies with the sad facts of 2020. Above all, this is a year marked by the coronovirus epidemic that has killed nearly two million people worldwide. Presidential disputes and racial tensions in the United States. It will not be easy to set the tone with such serious and heavy themes and state that seventeen screenwriters are credited. Too much revision to make the dose right and successful and Collective sensitivity is required.

Lawrence Fishburn, according to “2020 Never Again”, invited striking types to those who followed the news this year: angry journalist (Samuel L. Jackson), neglected scientist (Samson Kayo), conservative government (Lisa Kudrow) ) Representative and millennium digital influenced (Joe Kieri). We still have an old historian (Hugh Grant), a multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur (Kumail Nanjiani), a rebel psychologist (Leslie Jones), and none other than Her Majesty the Queen (Tracy Ullman) and two “average” to comment on the Futurist period. Are citizens. (Kristin Miliotti and Diane Morgan).

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Using caricatures and fictional characters to comment on and criticize facts is not an original formula. Brazilian television rarely occurs without the product of such humor, such as “Cassettes and planets“,”Yes or at” I “out of time“. However, the cast Netflix He is inspired and his characters fall like a glove, accentuating the characteristics of each comedian. Nevertheless, a unique voice cuts through criticism. It is politicized, targeted and does not fire everywhere, but it still reflects the public’s understanding.

Despite bringing a lot of news from the global arena, this text focuses on the facts of the US-UK axis and still has room for it Netflix Comment on your role and some of your presentations in the year. However, Brazil has not been forgotten as representative of scientific negativity and more attentive eyes will see an uncontrolled joke in the corner of a screen. Youtube In a string. The adaptation of Brazilian Portuguese subtitles also took the opportunity to adopt a critical wave and used the expression “good citizen” as a synonym. Hardcore fan, An English word that defines an intolerant or purposefully ignorant person. Ultimately, 2020 was a year that gave new meaning to many things.

In addition to the spoken material, which is the Dyson of this documentary, “2020 Never Again” creates graphic and even metal games to cause laughter. They are journalist assemblies, visual commentaries and primarily moments that highlight the “documentary filmmaker”, the person who directs the false work, to point out the craze of characters or non-presence experienced in 2020 Is, as if science is being ignored or there are politicians who deny facts in the face. This structure is more subtle than the direct satire of criticisms of the text, thus enhancing the quality of this particular as an artistic work.

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Finding the right tone to make you laugh even when it is due to crying and crying, “2020 Never Again” is a big win. Unlike other retrospective and comedy specials, this documentary Netflix It would remain as the historical record of many paranormal lines in the news, which was realized in 2020 and not only summarized in newspapers or commented on social networks. There are not a few people who are indirectly criticized and Hood can serve many audiences, but it is a social act of humor: disarming with laughter and then attacking with precision. The good comedian knows the wound he touches and it is no coincidence that the same artist came out “If you don’t drink” I “Joker“,”Key and tile” I “Daud!“E, not Charlie Brooker”black Mirror” I “2020 again sometime“.

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