Cuba’s President recognizes calls for blackout protest, understanding and economy. World

Cuba's President recognizes calls for blackout protest, understanding and economy.  World

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel acknowledged this Friday (22) that power blackouts are being recorded in some communities on the island, and called for understanding and the economy in the face of a situation that he says has no immediate solution. Is.

In a simple session of the National Assembly, Diaz-Canel said, “There are some people who, to express their disquiet and their understanding, which is legitimate because they are being influenced, pot and pan, raise their voices against the leaders. “. Which analyzed the “extremely complex situation” the country is experiencing in terms of electricity.

“Some people take advantage of the opportunity to raise slogans against the revolution” and “others participate in acts of vandalism and throw stones, break glass”, the president said.

He then returned to the context of the United States: “Those who act this way are responding to what the counterrevolutionary wants and those who block us what they want.”

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Local officials confirmed a week ago that a group of people held an unusual protest at midnight in the western Cuban city of Los Palacios, sparked by a blackout. Videos showing the irritation of dozens of residents circulated on social media.

The president also noted that the country currently has “less production capacity” than demand, in addition to the fact that, in recent days, with extreme heat on the island, “demand has increased” in a “record” manner.

Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in three decades. Food, medicine and fuel shortages are on the rise, with energy supplies also facing difficulties since May and daily reports of blackouts scheduled in peak times.

Several of its thermoelectric plants suffered breakdowns, or are under maintenance, including two fires.

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