Cyclone kills 10 and causes floods in India and Bangladesh

A Tropical Storm Ramel reached at South In Bangladesh And this East From India In this monday ,27), Reason Floods In the coastal villages, Destroyed thatched roofs and leaving Hundreds In thousands In People Without least in Bangladesh 10 people died. The information is from associated Press (AP).

Junior Minister of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh Mohibbur Rahmansaid that approximately 3.7 million Many people on the coast were affected. More 35,000 homes were totally destroyed and almost 115,000 Partial damage. Broadcaster Somoy TVbased in Dhakareported that at least 10 people were killed and two were injured missing After shipwreck on one boat,

After this, dozens of villages in Bangladesh were flooded Dam In Security were damaged or washed away by the storm. About 800,000 People were Empty In Sensitive Areas on Sunday and carried 9,000 cyclone shelters,

Ramel Storm Weak much later touch the earth in the district of PatuakhaliIn Bangladesh, with constant winds 111 km/hHey Meteorological Department India had predicted that the storm would weaken further during the day, but warned Heavy rain In Assam and in other states North east In the next two days.

Bangladesh faced Incessant rain The intensity of rain is increasing with strong winds in Dhaka. Lots of Streets The capital was submerged, while life in ChattogramThe second largest city The functioning of the country was badly disrupted.

The authorities ordered all this Employee Of Government Remain in your position until the situation improves. Agencies Humanitarian aid Thousands of people gathered Volunteers in refugee camps Rohingya and other affected areas emergency assistance. This country is home to more people than that 1 million In Refugees Rohingya from Myanmar in the coastal district of Cox’s Bazar,

Hey United Nations World Food Programme emergency assistance was provided to 30,000 families along the coast, while the development organization BRAC raised more than 23,000 Health Practitioner And volunteer to help those affected.

in India, in the state of West Bengalthatched roofs were destroyed and power poles and trees were uprooted in some coastal districts. There were no immediate reports of deaths. Heavy rains flooded roads and houses in low-lying areas Kolkata,

Hey airport Kolkata reopened after remaining closed on Sunday (26). In Bangladesh, Chattogram airport was closed and All domestic flights Travel to and from Cox’s Bazar has been cancelled. Loading and unloading operations at the port of Chittagong were stopped and more than a dozen ships were moved from the dock to deep sea as a precaution.

All Schools were in the area Closed until further notice.

The coasts of India are Often The increased vulnerability of cyclones and changes in weather patterns have increased the intensity of these storms, making them more very urgent Preparation for the natural disasters,

At least 20 people killed in US tornadoes and hurricanes

Severe storms and tornadoes hit southern states Texas, oklahoma, Kentucky it is Arkansasin the middle of it Welast weekend, which resulted in the deaths of at least 20 peoplein the county of CookIn Texas, near the Oklahoma border, seven deaths were reported, including two children In Two it is 5 yearsWhen a tornado struck a rural area near a trailer park at night Saturday (25),

About this 100 people injured and more 200 houses Destroyed farming community in Texas valley view was one of the most affected winds 217 km/hAccording to officials.

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The storm killed eight people in Arkansas, two in Oklahoma, and three in Kentucky. Thousands of residents were left without power throughout the region.

Formation of extratropical cyclone puts southern Brazil on alert

In Brazil, a Extratropical cyclones It will begin to form in the southern region this Monday (27)According to MetSul Meteorologia’s warning, rainfall will intensify at the beginning of the week and strong winds will blow. In addition, the phenomenon will cause sea turbulence in a large part of the coast, causing turbulence on many beaches.

As per the latest bulletin published by Civil Defense of Rio Grande do SulThe rains killed 169 people, with 56 still missing and 806 injured.

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