Daniel Ricciardo suggests a double header in Melbourne F1, with the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix at risk due to COVID.

Daniel Ricciardo suggests a double header in Melbourne F1, with the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix at risk due to COVID.

“Follow the opposite path” – This is Daniel Ricciardo’s first thought of how Melbourne could get a double Formula 1 title if the F1 calendar was tossed into the list of places in countries with the outbreak of the COVID-19 this year.

Brazil’s Formula One Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to take place on 7 November, with the team, driver and car immediately flying to Melbourne for a race two weeks later on 21 November.

At the time of registration, there were 14 million cases of COVID in Brazil, tragic 380,000 deaths and more than 440,000 new cases in the last seven days alone.

With this in mind, it is hard to imagine that things will be under control any time soon, and while the Games are interested in seeing how they can create a bubble for a trip to Brazil, chances are that the Australian government And health officials will allow the formula 1 in Australia. Nations submerged in an epidemic are few without some extreme quarantine measures.

Logically, if he had come from Mexico to Australia (the race before Brazil), and even two weeks of quarantine, he could have fit in two races before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix date.

When asked by EFTM about this, Daniel Ricardo talked about the fact that programming from Brazil to Australia was already a challenge. “Logically alone, you’re exchanging one end of one balloon for the other, so it’s a challenge in itself.”

Pressed about concerns about Brazil and Kovid, Ricardo said “Yes, I know Brazil is not currently in a good place with COVID”.

He said that if the game is not likely to get there under the current circumstances,Currently, if we were to go there this weekend, I am confident that we will be in the air, I think not. everything in. “

And while there is still about six months left, it may be sooner or later necessary to make sure that the calendar is as full as the game’s owners would like. “I know they are clearly interested in 23 (races) this year, and a little like last year, I’m sure there may be some circuits that can fill in some gaps if some are lost, Then we’ll see “

“I think this is for now, I hope things calm down by then, but if this continues, this race could possibly be in doubt.”

When he started thinking about the exclusive event schedule “flying away”, it was clear that Ricardo had an idea for F1 management to “suggest”Probably a double title in Australia!

In Bahrain, two Grand Prix events were held for two consecutive weeks in 2020, but using a different track design. When we asked Daniel how Melbourne would do it, his answer was immediate Counterclockwise. Go counterclockwise and counterclockwise

While he was thinking about it, he continued “I would love, especially if we have some form of quarantine to make up the time to come, so…

Outside of the difficult idea of ​​walking in the opposite direction (car space and fencing for marshals, lack of starting areas, etc.), EFTM told him that The Bend, outside of Adelaide, could be another alternative location.

Asked about The Bend, Ricardo said “I saw a road map, but I never saw it …”

Regardless, the 2021 F1 calendar is packed and busy, so with any possible changes, it seems logical that the Australian Grand Prix chief would pay attention to Daniel Ricardo and perhaps more drivers if there was a conversation about more than one. .

Said ricardo “Every driver likes to go to Melbourne for a race …

“If I call all the drivers now and say, Hey, how to spend two weeks in Australia?” I am sure that neither of them will complain and moan.

Your Australian Grand Prix Moving Corporation. Your movement.

Daniel Ricciardo suggests a double header in Melbourne F1, with the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix at risk due to COVID.

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