Daniel Satti talks about career, awards, movies and ‘Carousel’ on Netflix. Michael Michael

Daniel Satti talks about career, awards, movies and ‘Carousel’ on Netflix.  Michael Michael
Daniel Satti is celebrating because of the success of ‘Carousel’, the soap opera originally aired by SBT between 2012 and 2013, where he lived one of his most beloved characters, Frederico Carrillo, who is portrayed in the Brazilian version of the plot. Known as the father of Carmen, he is one of the top 10 of the Netflix catalog.

– So glad to know that ‘Carousel’, a work so important for kids and youth, is available on one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world! I was so glad to know that I could get to see this character once again which was very important to me, and to many children and adults as well. I love Frederico and his story of overcoming difficulties and love for his family – he completes.

In addition to celebrating the return of the plot, Satti received the news that he was once again honored for his work in the short film ‘Entre Olhares’ by Ivan Willig. He, who had already won awards for “Best Actor” at the 2020 edition of the US festivals The Scene Festival and Flight Deck Film Festival, and received a nomination at the Lonely Wolf London International Film, is now in the same category at Cult Movies. I have won. International, also from United Kingdom.

– I have received this news with great pleasure. “Entreolhorse” is a work that inspires me and it was a privilege to be moderated by award-winning director and writer Evan Willig, as well as a pleasure to work with actresses Marina Eze and Tuna Dweck – emphasizes Satti.

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Actors will be in very different roles in cinema in early 2022. In Amor, Confuso Amor, a comedy and psychological drama by JJ Salinas, directed by Andre Louis. In the story, he played the role of the protagonist George.

– We shot ‘Amor, Confuso Amor’ in May 2019 at a resort in Ibiana in the interior of So Paulo. I play George, the protagonist of this suspenseful plot, which brings a non-linear narrative and portrays the story of a confused man who wanders between his imagination and reality and serves as a backdrop, comedy and a psychological drama. I stick to the true tone of my relationship and being with people I love. The plot involves a love triangle. George is a successful businessman, a boy who falls in love and, with the strain of a relationship with his girlfriend, Aninha, becomes involved with another woman. However, it is unclear whether this love is true for this Aninha, as the woman he was involved with, who is Rebecca, is the exact opposite of Aninha. While he is in love with Aninha, it seems like he wants her to be a little Rebecca too. The film is in the post-production phase. Directed by Andre Louis and Screenplay by James Salinas. I am ready to release it in cinemas this year. This is a beautiful project! – Full power.

The production also counts on its cast with names such as Isabella Lemos, Marjorie Gerardi, Paola Rodrigues, Taiguara Nazareth, Tuna Dweck and Gui Santana.

In ‘The Black Belt – The True History of Fernando Terrero’, a story based on true facts about five-time world jiu-jitsu fighter Fernando Terrero (Raphael Logam), Satti plays an extremely important character in the fighter’s life: Alexander Paiva, better known as Gigi.

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– I think this film will captivate the audience and my character has a bigger and more important mission in overcoming this beautiful story. Gigi, in addition to being a master, took part in the creation of this fighter, besides being always by his side, encouraging him and not letting him give up his gift – concluded the actor.

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