DCTA receives visit from Commander of the United States Southern Command

DCTA receives visit from Commander of the United States Southern Command

General Laura Richardson learned about projects developed by the Aeronautical Technological Institute

Air Force Agency – DCTA, by Lt. Alessandra Borges

The Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA), located in São José dos Campos (SP), received an institutional visit from General Laura Richardson, Commander of the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), on 05/21. The delegation was welcomed by Major Air Brigadier David Almeida Alcoforado, Deputy Director of DCTA, for an institutional lecture on DCTA’s mission to develop scientific-technological solutions in the field of aerospace power. The visit was also attended by the Consul General of the United States David Hodge and Professor Emilia Villani, Vice-Rector of ITA.

During his presentation, Major-Brigadier David explained a little about the history of DCTA and the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), highlighting the department’s mission to develop projects in the areas of science, technology and innovation. The DCTA Deputy Director also highlighted that the arrival of the United States Southern Command is the result of partnerships developed over the years.

“We are moving forward in specific areas that are relevant to all of us, such as space. Today, we have the opportunity to send representatives to work in the United States space centers, as well as enjoying this advantage. Therefore, we consider the arrival of the Southern Command as positive not only because of the importance of improving this partnership, but also for the opportunities that arise in terms of courses, training and mutual support. We have many capabilities that can be made available to the international cooperation system”, highlighted Major-Brigadier David.

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Professor Luis Eduardo Vergueiro Loures da Costa gave a lecture on the ITASAT-2 project, a constellation of three satellites designed to monitor space weather and geolocate radiofrequency emissions on land and at sea. According to him, space weather is affected by solar flares and causes interruptions in communications, GPS signals and energy transmission to the ground, and geolocation aims to detect non-cooperative vessels that invade the exclusive economic zone of the Blue Amazon.

After the lecture, the delegation visited the ITA Space Center (CEI), which aims to provide space solutions to national problems in a faster, better and more accessible way, reducing international dependency in this sector and valuing internal resources. In addition, the CEI focuses on developing areas of knowledge related to space activities that have not yet been explored and are essential for Brazil.

At the end of the visit, General Laura Richardson emphasized that it was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the already established partnership between the United States and Brazil.

“We are pleased because we have now built a more personal relationship with our leaders and have had the opportunity to see first-hand the possibilities for continued partnership in the short term, especially in the aerospace sector”, highlighted the commander of the United States Southern Command.

Photos: DCTA

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