Death of Dorin Montalvo: Mrs. Doubtier’s actress is 56 years old

Death of Dorin Montalvo: Mrs. Doubtier's actress is 56 years old

Dorin Mantalvo Has died at the age of 56 (Photo: Getty Images)

Broadway star Doreen Montalvo has died at the age of 56, it has been confirmed.

The actress, who was famous for starring in Mrs. Zick’s Mrs. Doubtfire and In the Heights, died after a stroke on Saturday.

Confirming the tragic news, Montalvo manager Steve Mehack said in an Instagram post: ‘We are very disappointed to hear that he has left us today. Our thoughts and prayers continue to flow to her husband Mike Mann and his family during this time.

‘Love and enlightenment to all her friends, colleagues and fans … my heart goes out to all of us.’

In a lengthy post, Myhack recalls working with Montalvo: ‘It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with Dorin as his manager.

“From the moment we met, it was like we’ve been friends for years. Kind souls, of course. ‘

He continued: ‘My favorite memory is seeing you as Gloria Fajardo on the OCF tour in the open air outside the Casey Starlight Theater … cutting out’ Me Tierra ‘for an 8000 audience, actually as the sun sets. God Himself. Was directing the most impressive moment for all of us. It was exciting. ‘

Actress Broadway was known for her music in the Heights and Mrs. Doublefire (Photo: Getty Images).

Myhack noted last year’s ‘How Interesting’ for Montalvo, who made the film for both film adaptations, produced by Lynn-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights, and West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg.

In March, Montalvo starred in three episodes of Broadway’s Mrs. Doubtfire but production was halted due to a coronavirus epidemic before it opened to a wider audience.

“She was also making progress in the world of TV – on which she was natural. Dorin could do anything. It was like a winning lotto ticket, “said Mahek.

She continued: ‘She was going to win our lottery ticket. We will continue to tell her, tell her story and remember the talent and love she shared with all of us. The most important thing is love, as long as there is love.

‘Drone, what a blessing it is to know you on your unique human journey. I pray for you and love you and remember you, but. Para sempre. Mercury Simpre. ‘

Montalvo’s TV credits include Law and Order, One Life to Live, The Good Wife and Smash.

Ms Dobtfire’s Twitter account reacted to the tragic news, saying: “Ms Dobtfire mourns the loss of Mr. Dorin Mantalvo. Dorin’s immense talent matched his extraordinary kindness and remarkable generosity.

‘His light shone on stage and off. She was loved by the whole company and everyone who was lucky enough to call her a coworker or friend.

“Our hearts go out to her husband Mike and all his family and friends.”

Janet Lundy was playing the role of Montalvo Musik.

The actress is followed by her husband Michael Mann, whom she married in 2010.

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