Decarbonizing requires economic will, not just political will, Izabella Teixeira | Brazil

Decarbonizing requires economic will, not just political will, Izabella Teixeira |  Brazil

“What are Brazil’s competitive advantages over the entire world being carbon neutral?” , But having an economic will ”.

Izabella Teixeira Leadership Network is one of the speakers at the event promoted by “Uma Concerca Pella Amazonia” and Waller Ekonico, with the theme “Perspectives of the Brazilian Society for Climate Agenda in the Amazon”.

There are two webinars on Monday (04/19) and Tuesday (04/20) from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. They will be broadcast on the website and on the Valer page on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The former environment minister says that “the Amazon puts Brazil in the world and takes Brazil out of the world. But it is no bigger than Brazil”.

The debate on forest conservation and elimination of illegality gained momentum with the proximity of the Climate Leaders Summit promoted by the Joe Biden government this week.

In February, the United States government held a series of talks with the Brazilian government to establish a cooperation strategy to preserve the Amazon and promote the region’s sustainable development with the inclusion of local populations, indigenous peoples and traditional communities. Started.

The two events will be opened by Ana Tony (Instituto Clima e Sociedade) and Beto Verissimo (Imazon). The idea of ​​economists will be debated in the first morning by Joaquim Levy, Arminio Fraga and Laura Carvalho, with the participation of Supreme Court Minister Luis Roberto Barroso.

The former minister said, “The challenge for Brazil today is to follow the low carbon path.” Ending deforestation is a legal and ethical imperative for us. It is an obligation from an economic point of view “.

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