Delta version arrives in Brazil and experts defend restrictive measures. Health

Delta version arrives in Brazil and experts defend restrictive measures.  Health
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Delta version arrives in Brazil and experts defend precautionary measures

The delta version of covid-19 already causes anxiety
around the world, and now in brazil,
Due to its high transmittance, in addition to the degree of infection, which is also high. Experts warn that this Type
Can be made major no world
In a short time, and with it, doubts arise about what can be done to prevent a new outbreak of infection and hospitalization in Brazil.

Apart from this, this coronavirus variant is already considered prominent in at least four other countries. India,
where he was discovered. The United Kingdom, Israel, Mexico and Belgium already deal fairly with Delta. And, apart from them, this new mutation of the virus detected in October 2020 has so far occurred in at least other 90 countries.

And Brazil, how is it in this story? Here, an epidemiological bulletin of Ministry of Health,
Including information as of June 26, 11 cases of the delta variant were reported in the country in five states: Goiás (1 case), Maranho (6), Minas Gerais (1), Paraná (2) and Rio de Janeiro (1 case). ).

In addition, So Paulo has also identified its first case of the type, which, according to preliminary data, is more transmissible than other strains, in addition to posing a greater risk of hospitalization and reinfection. This mutation also suggests that the symptoms may be slightly different from the traditional ones, as it causes more headache and less cough.

“We have this Type
which is already circulating among us people who have no travel history or have contact with someone who has been in India, for example, and thus, we have to pay special attention,” S,”o Paulo Paulo, the health secretary of Jeanne, said at a news conference last Wednesday (7).

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In numbers, it is assumed that delta version
30% to 60% more transmissible than other strains of coronavirus.
In the UK, for example, it has already taken effect, accounting for 90% of new cases of the disease in the country.

“Of the four types of anxiety, the most recent, Delta, is already spreading around the world and has a high transmission rate. They get stronger.”

He also says that the scenario in Brazil is still uncertain, as there are other variants already underway in the country, unlike European countries which did not have one. “Here in Brazil, we don’t know if it will compete with our P.1. It entered countries where no other tensions were going on much, but here (in Brazil) we have a strong competitor.

And he adds: “Maybe it (the delta version) won’t find a fertile area here to be able to settle in such a dominant way, because there’s another and they’ll compete genetically,” says Kefouri. Huh.

Paulo Menezes, coordinator of the COVID-19 Contingency Center in So Paulo, agrees that the Delta variant may have more difficulty establishing itself in the country due to competition with other strains.

“The delta version comes in here, but it finds a powerful competitor, the gamma version, which spread quickly and now we’re getting control (…) I think less surveillance and measures that reduce transmission. When we reduce, the state loses not only the delta, but also other variants, the ability to limit the advance of the variants”, says the coordinator.

What can be done to keep Delta from becoming a major problem?

Experts are unanimous: to maintain personal care, such as the use of masks and social distancing, even for people who have already received two doses of the vaccine. COVID-19,
are necessary and thus the key point is not to create a new high in terms of cases and hospitalizations.

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“What can we do so that it doesn’t become a problem: get vaccinated, wear a mask, keep a distance (…) Obviously, the available vaccines have no significant disadvantages in terms of efficiency against the variant” says Renato Caffori .

The first and foremost measure is to vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated as soon as possible, because even though this version has a slightly higher penetration for vaccinated people, as we have seen in some countries, vaccines provide protection. We do. Another point is to maintain the measures we already have in place, such as the use of masks”, says Paulo Menezes.

He also states that one point that may have contributed to the predominance of the delta version in some European countries was its flexibility in use. too expensive
I Social distancing.
Brazil, on the other hand, still maintains measures, which may help with the issue of the spread of the virus.

“We are seeing in Europe, in Israel, the variant is spreading rapidly, but they have already suspended these measures (masks) for some time and had to go back. So I think that’s a difference that we have, because we have put these measures in place and we have to keep them until we have more clarity about the security of being able to make these measures more flexible. No”, he completes.

On the global situation with respect to the delta variant, see the balance of our word in the Oxford University-linked data project:

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