Delta version is scary but can be controlled, say experts

Delta version is scary but can be controlled, say experts

With vaccination advances around the world, the focus is on the delta version of COVID-19, which proves to be more difficult and contagious than the standard version of the disease. Despite this, existing immunizers are able to cope with the stress. The information is from a special report Buzzfeed News.

The Delta version changed guidelines in several places around the world, including the United States, after finding that, even after vaccination, people could transmit the strain because of its high level of contagion. Huh. The use of masks, once abandoned in most parts of the country, is once again mandatory indoors in some states.


delta version controlled

The data also shows that about 99% of new deaths from COVID-19 in the US come from people who were not vaccinated. The states with the most cases are the states with the lowest vaccination rates. President Joe Biden also called it an “epidemic without vaccination.”

However, according to experts, the latest wave in Europe suggests that perhaps the tension is not an “uncontrollable force”. Vaccination and isolation strategies can prevent a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases with the delta variant.

According to experts, the strong wave of Covid-19 in India powered by the Delta version cannot be compared with the current one in the US and Europe. This is because only a small part of the population in the Asian country was vaccinated during this period. Moreover, the Indian health system was not able to meet the demand.

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Experts also cite the UK. Most of the people infected with the variant were young and did not become seriously ill. This, combined with the rapid progress of vaccination in the UK in recent months, means that the peak of hospitalizations was much smaller than it was in January, the height of the pandemic and with the alpha version. Currently, only about 90 people die from the disease every day across the entire region of Great Britain, compared to over 1,200 at the peak.

After that, there was a major liberalization of containment measures in the UK and, although officials predicted an increase in cases, they went down the same lane.

Another European country with a clear rise and fall in cases is the Netherlands. Cases began to rise about 10 days after the Dutch government lifted almost all restrictions. A few days later, the authorities resumed measures to restrict movement. The delta variant then reached its peak and after a few days the cases stabilized.

“The UK and the Netherlands should be an advocate against despair,” explained Bill Hannage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “We don’t need to be fatalistic about the Delta version.”

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