Democrat calls Bolsonaro a genocide and defends US intervention in Brazil

Democrat calls Bolsonaro a genocide and defends US intervention in Brazil

Republic Jair President Bolonaro’s interpretation of the massacre is the way he deals with the epidemic, defending against the sarcasm of the opposition, crossing the borders of Brazil and reaching at least one member of the United States Democratic Party went. Located in Florida, Pam Keith is also advocating for US intervention in Brazil.

Pam Keith said this in his conta not twitter Not Saturday (March 27, 2021). “Bolsonaro is a corrupt, genocidal, incompetent animal”, wrote. A day ago, I tweeted that the epidemic situation in Brazil is a serious problem and that the United States should do it Lead an international intervention.

In 2020, she ran for a seat as a federal deputy for the 18th District of Florida. He had 41.5% of the vote and lost to Republican Brian Mast, who had 56.3%. Pam Keith served in the US Navy from 1995 to 1999. This information is from the American website Balltpedia.

In the United States, 435 seats in the Chamber of Deputies are filled by the district system. The highest number of voting candidates have been elected for each of the 435 districts.

The fact that Pam Keith was defeated does not end her importance among local voters who prefer the democratic party, so her posting on social media suggesting intervention in Brazil is relevant.

Read the tweet below. Hey Poderon 10 Portuguese translation placed below each image.

“I am repeating my warning that the Kovid crisis is a serious problem in Brazil. Bolsonaro’s lack of leadership is creating a health and economic crisis, crowned by a political scandal of epic proportions. The United States must be proactive and lead an international intervention. “

He said, ‘I cannot understand how serious the issue of crisis in Brazil is. Bolsonaro is a corrupt, genocidal, incompetent brute. The consequences of this can be horrendous. International intervention is needed, now! “

This Saturday, the North American press highlighted the rise of coronovirus deaths in Brazil. Newspaper new York Times, The most important in the world, published and highlighted the report on the collapse of the Brazilian health system.

At least 310,550 people have died of the virus in Brazil so far. The number of victims registered per day has broken records. It was over 3,000 on Friday (March 26, 2021) and Saturday (March 27).

According to the website, the United States is the only country with more deaths than Brazil People of the world, With 562,063 victims. However, the number of new cases and new deaths per day is falling rapidly.

Bolsonaro has mitigated the epidemic several times, as did former US President Donald Trump. On January 20, Republican Trump left the White House. It gave way to Democrat Joe Biden.

The change took Bolsonaro from its main global benchmark and reduced international support for its policies. The Democratic Party, for which Pam Keith ran for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies in 2020, is critical to Bolsonaro’s policies in addition to how to deal with the epidemic. For example, in relation to the environment.

In another sign that Brazil’s image is deteriorating during the pandemic abroad, Ian Bremer, a member of the consultant Eurasia, published in his Personal twitter account Negative evaluation of the performance of Jair Bolsonaro, saying that Brazil provides “Worst Managerial Response” On the coronovirus crisis between “Any savings”.

To describe his post, Bremer used a picture of Bolsonaro when the president was wearing a mask, when the device was on his eyes:

“Yesterday one of the 3 deaths by Kovid in the world was in Brazil. Now more than 3,000 a day. The health system has collapsed. Worst Answer – of any major economy – Breeding / Twitter – 28.mar.2021

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